Win a ***FREE*** Registration to Atlanta Peachy Kink!!!!

Atlanta Peachy Kink or APK is going to be the hottest kink event of the summer.  No ifs, ands or buts about it!  There is not going to be anything else like it this summer.

I would hate for anyone to miss out on this event so Vizionz is sponsoring a contest.  We are giving away two (2) FREE registrations to Atlanta Peachy Kink.  The contest rules are simple:

just fill out the five question form and submit via email.  Yes it is really that easy.


Now the details:


The contest will run from Monday April 21, 2014 through Saturday May 3, 2014.  All entries must be received by midnight EST on Saturday May 3.


The contest is for registration to Atlanta Peachy Kink only.  Travel and lodging accommodations are the responsibility of the winner. The free registration gives the winner access to all APK activities as listed on the official agenda.


Registrations are not transferable.


Winners will be chosen randomly from all entries received within the contest time period. Vizionz will be using random picker to select the winner.  Winners will be announced not later than Tuesday May 6.  Announcements will be made both at Vizionz from the Bottom and the APK Fetlife/web pages.


Winners must review the rules governing attendance to Atlanta Peachy Kink and agree to sign a release form and registration form upon arrival to the conference.
Contest is open to consenting adults who will be age 21 or older by June 5, 2014.  Proof of age will be required to receive entry into the conference and related events.


So now…. follow this link to the Google document.  Fill out the 5 questions and submit via  email to

Good Luck and I can’t wait to see you in the place in June.



Aphrodite Brown 



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I am going to step out on a limb here and toss out an endorsement. I rarely find things that are worth this step without compensation on my part, but I feel strongly enough about this event that I am altering my normal trajectory.

You should be at Atlanta Peachy Kink.

What is Atlanta Peachy Kink?

APK as the nickname goes is an inaugural event organized by people of color who live in or are interested in alternative lifestyle living. It is rare that one can find an event that holds equal appeal to the novice and the expert. I think APK might just have this formula down and succeed at this rarest of occurrence.

Held over three days in the hottest city in the south, APK is combining southern hospitality with sexy.

The kinky brick road holds multiple stations that cover the staples of this kinky thing we do, and also some of the edge of what we do. Stations include:

  • Bondage Boulevard
  • Electric Avenue
  • Hard Hitting Highway
  • Medical Meadows
  • Service Street

Each of these stations will be staffed with experts in their field who will have the unique opportunity to model and demonstrate the particulars of their expertise in an intimate environment. There won’t be another conference this year that gives you the one on one attention that APK will deliver. I spoke with the organizers of the event to get a better feel for their vizion. I am happy to share their thoughts:
While you can find a kink event just about anywhere, any day of the week, and twice on the weekends, you won’t find another event on the 2014 calendar like Atlanta Peachy Kink.
Created with the needs of POC in mind, APK is also structured to support the interest of anyone who has kink in their minds. The event is open to all who are aged 21 and over and have registered, but the for us – by us – unique vizion of BDSM will absolutely be in the house.
Atlanta was chosen specifically because of her glorious location, home to so many kinksters of color already. It also gives those south of the Mason – Dixon line an opportunity to fellowship that is sorely needed.
The planning committee has selected a private location for attendees to learn and later play without scrutiny or judgment. The private location allows for a stress free atmosphere where you can have S&M play just like you might behind the privacy of your bedroom door.
Even though the conference and play sites are not being held at the host hotel this year, the location is approximately 10 minutes from where the group is staying. The organizers have secured rooms within the hotel so that all attendees can be in proximity with one another and not be subject to nosy neighbors during the hotel stay.
Your registration fee of $40.00 gets you:
Admittance into all official APK events including Friday meet & greet – Friday Night Dungeon Play party – Saturday Kinky Brick Road workshops and demonstrations – Saturday Night Dungeon Play party.

Special attractions on Saturday also include the Pet Palace & the Little Flowers and Tikes School. These two areas are set aside for the human pet or the little boy or girl who wants to roam free in a safe environment. The school will have a special instructor to supervise the adult little girls and boys who come to play. The Pet palace welcomes puppies, kittens, horses, cows and any other pets willing to come out and play.
This kinky good time in June is looking to be the hottest event of the summer. The excitement is tangible as is the anticipation to see how they get it done in the dirty south.

I will be there, and I want you to be there as well. I want you to be there so much that I am giving away two (2) registrations to Atlanta Peachy Kink. In my next blog I am giving details on how you can enter to win. Stay tuned!


For details about the event visit their website at: Atlanta Peachy Kink


Aphrodite Brown

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I’ve spent a little time attempting to figure out the details of the Bundy situation happening over there in the great state of Nevada.   I don’t get it… while at the same time I do.

Faux News would have you believe it is about the little guy fighting an over reaching government. The reality is that it is much more complicated than that, as life often proves.

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Circle of Six #SAAM

While it is important to change the conversation about sexual assault, it is equally important to keep yourself as safe as possible.  Circle of 6 can assist you in that goal.

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Razor Thin

Is there something thinner than the blade of a razor?  Besides my patience?

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I opted to dedicate the month to #SAAM because of how strongly I feel about the topic.  I was in a conversation today with the boyfriend and the girlfriend and I found myself saying something that I often do: someone has to do it.

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Unforgiven #SAAM


One of the hardest things  to address when discussing sexual assault and its impact on a victim is how telling the story and being met with disbelief harms you just as much as the actual violation.

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Hurts When Breathe

The first time I had a hand “around” my throat during sex, it wasn’t a choke.  He was holding me down, gaining leverage, and doing what he had to do to keep me where I was so he could keep hitting ‘that spot’.  He was not squeezing, he was not trying to cut off my air.  I realized that I liked having his hand there, so much so, that I kept trying to rise up and put my neck into his grasp.

That partner and I eventually graduated to choking, but it took some time.



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72 Virgins & Such #SAAM

What’s the big deal anyhow?

I mean seriously, what is the big deal?

One of the things that’s always bothered me in the history of the world, or my world at least, is this concept that a woman untouched is some prize worth capturing and imposing a value on a woman based on her vagina frequent flyer miles – or absence there of.

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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste #SAAM

If we don’t tell our children the truth, are we really protecting them?

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