Body Count

I can’t tell you what my body count is, other than a lot. When I was 22 I tried to count. I hit 13, got depressed people would think I was a slut, and wiped my tears with some sex.

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A Slut in the Streets



In April of 2011, in Toronto, Canada women gathered en masse to change the narrative surrounding rape and rape culture. “Slut Walk” in 2014 is transformed into a global movement to end rape culture and sexual violence against women.

Created in protest to a Toronto Constable advising women on a college campus to not dress provocatively to avoid sexual assault, Slut Walk reminds society that a woman’s attire is not an invitation to violate her. Currently a global movement, there are Slut Walks in the United States, Canada, Singapore, India, and several Latin American nations.

Victim Shaming and victim blaming is seen frequently when the discussing sexual assault. Often we hear questions about a woman’s sexual history, the amount of alcohol she may or may not have digested, and the old standard what was she wearing. These questions move the blame of the attack to the victim, implying unfairly that she is in some way responsible for her own attack. Slut Walks hope to change the topic, and reveal the truth: the only one responsible for an attack, is the attacker. Period!

Slut Walk is about empowering women to speak out and reminding society that rape and sexual assault is not about lust. The cultural misconception is that a woman can invite assault needs to be addressed and Slut Walk is one of many ways we can change this conversation. To learn more about Slut Walk and Sexual Assault Awareness you can visit the website of Slut Walk Seattle or search for a walk in or near your city

Aphrodite Brown

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Global Warming

Vizionz began in the fall of 2010.  It evolved from a place I could ramble on about the somewhat irrelevant happenings in the life of Nicole to a platform which assists and educates.

I don’t get it right all of the time, no one ever does. Over the years though I’ve learned that I can help more than I hurt.  While I don’t assert that my words are the one true path, I acknowledge the responsibility I have to publish content that is valuable to you constant reader.

Over the past 5 years we’ve shared our vizion over thousands of people on six of our seven continents.  Side note: I need one of you to log in from Antarctica so I can proclaim absolute global domination.

In the past I’ve taken the vizion to other mediums.  That history, both positive and negative, continues with new audiences.

Aphrodite Brown came about as a vehicle to share my unique vizion while maintaining a level of anonymity for those close to me.  The Man selected that name and like many things he introduced to my life, it stuck.

As Aphrodite I’ve written for compensation for Adam & Eve, EdenFantays and other adult retailers.

I shared a working relationship with the online blog/magazine Everything Girls Love.  As a contributor to the Love & Sex section I brought kink to the vanilla with the style you’ve grown to love.

I’ve written articles both for compensation and gratis for BlogHer which reaches millions annually.

I am still an online advisor for Dark Connections.  You can locate me there as Nicole Female Sadomasochist –

I am creating a relationship with a brand new kink for you application.  That announcement will come soon but today I have other news:

Starting October 1, 2015, Aphrodite Brown is taking the show to the international stage.

Writing for an offshoot of Wharehouse Dating dot com, Aphrodite is a SWExpert.  Through their online forum (and of course here) I am bringing our vizion of love – sex – dating and kink to the world.  The home office is in Europe, in the nation of Great Britain. Yes, this makes your girl officially and International player.

Our assention may not be as swift as we’ve watched others….but our vizion  remains pure.  No advertisers. No editors. No supervisors. I remain beholden to my conscience first and you – my loyal audience second.  I am going to continue to deliver the stories you’ve grown to appreciate, only now I get to recruit readers with accents.

I am excited about this new working relationship and hope you are also.  This is an opportunity for me to grow as a writer and as a person.   While I learn what “sells” to a global audience, you get the benefit of a better blogger.  #ALLWEDOISWIN

Our expansion is still coming, the doctor is still on onboard ready to share her clinical vizion. I know you will love Dr. Lanier as much as I do, when she arrives.  Right now we are waiting for financial and legal issues to resolve and then the sky is our limit.

Thank you for the last five years constant reader.  Here’s to 500 more!


Aphrodite Brown



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Deus não existe

It was October of 2010 when I converted to Buddhism.

It was October 31, 2014 when I stopped chanting.

I am often told that to get through this time I should rely on my faith.  I have none at the moment.

I haven’t looked to the heavens for anything since that date.

Yesterday was the first time I thought about chanting. I immediately dismissed that idea.  It wasn’t until writing a few moments ago I realized why.

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Somebody’s Baby

I first heard this song in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Continue reading

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Time’s Up

Get Bill Maher the fuck outta here yo. Continue reading

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remember when I used to come here and write kinky stuff?

So do I.  My kink isn’t broken she’s just not my number one priority these days.

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Weekend Reunion 2016

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Weekend Reunion 2016 Announced!


New Location – Meal Plans – one additional day of kink – Soul a Food Buffet!!



And………… The return of the Twerk




Visit to register.


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Tread Lightly

This song reminds me of a girl crush.

This post is about walking though. I haven’t driven since 2010 or so. Taking care of Bonnie & Clyde meant owning a car had to wait.  I use rentals and share cars when the budget allows but mostly I take SEPTA or I walk.

It was easy at the old house. There were stores all within 5 blocks of me selling everything from vodka, to steak, to those famous Philly Cheesesteaks, to toilet paper.  I never had to go far to get what I needed to hold us over until a big box run.

At LaLa’s things are waaay different.  There aren’t stores here.  Sure there is a bodega on the corner but it’s not like the bodega from my old hood.  To get stuff…..I have to walk and take the bus.

Ive put on a good 30 pounds since the incident.  Well since coming home from Belmont.  I feel all 30 of those pounds too.  My knees creak, my ankles swell, and with the increase in dosage of the seroquel, I am at risk of putting in more weight.  I’ve walked every day almost since I got out of the hospital.  Some short some longer but I’ve walked.

When I walk I feel those pounds in my lower back and knees but I walk anyway.  It’s low impact cardio, which will help keep 30 from turning into 50. It is also part of my resolution to try something different. I suck at trying to kill myself, so I choose to see how good I can be at living.

I had to let my gym membership go, but I can walk.

Walking will do until I am able to jog.

Running? Yeah, that is reserved for when someone is chasing me.  Today……I walk.



Aphrodite Brown

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