Who is Aphrodite Brown?

Vizionz from the Bottom


As you visit you will find a collection of thoughts – ideas – suggestions – laughter and it should be enough to get you to come back for a second visit and a third and so on and so on.


I speak politics – I speak football – I speak pop culture – I speak frankly often with lots of curse words and if I am choosing my words very carefully you can hear my teeth sucking…it’s a tick what can I say.


There is nothing that is off limits for Vizionz from the Bottom.  I have an opinion about everything, on the rare occasion that opinion is wrong well you have the right to disagree…it wont stop me from pushing forward though.


I am passionate about my family which currently includes: The Man – Bonnie – Clyde.


The Man is the code name for my life partner.

Bonnie is the code name for my mother who I currently care for as she approaches 76 years old.

Clyde is the code name for my son who is 11 and has the condition of Autism.



I am passionate about the Philadelphia Eagles.  I love football – I love the Eagles.  I can tolerate the New York Jets.  Any NFC East team is the devil and I advocate early and often for Andy Reid to be fired.  I am not a girl who says she likes football because she thinks that she can get laid. I can get laid on the strength that I sit on a vagina…vagina is powerful.  I love football because I was raised that way and I back up my appreciation for the sport with football facts – football knowledge and the Eagles fight song.



I am passionate about Women’s Rights – Civil Rights – Equality and all that goes with it.  I am deeply offended by uneven playing fields and use the word fuck liberally to even the field out.


I am a bisexual woman, living an adult alternative lifestyle, actively practicing BDSM and other kinky activities.  It will make some of you blush it will turn some of you on, regardless I speak about it here and in other places.


I am the immovable object and the irresistible force at the same time unapologetic and changing the world one blog post and one radio show at a time.


Welcome to my world.