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The final 3 day Weekend Reunion is sold out.  There is the chance a handful of rooms will open up in a week or two.  There is the chance that overflow options might happen.

The time, love, energy, commitment that comes with planning a BDSM conference is huge.  Without all of the details of sausage being made I was privy to how a different event does it, and even then it was intense.  The event itself was shitty, the organizers petty, but the commitment to the event itself was a lot. That was for a shitty event, Weekend Reunion is not shitty by any means.

If I realistically look at what they’ve given us for 5 years, I can say without hesitation that the Weekend Reunion Producers have sacrificed the last 4 years of their lives for my pleasure. And I didn’t even have to put out for them.

What’s wonderful about this post, and those women is that despite the annual multi day event singing her swan song, the spirit lives on.

The Producers of Weekend Reunion have opted to change the game once more and bring to the POC BDSM comminuted quarterly opportunities to got our freak on.

In 2018:

March – Maryland – Sprung

August – New Jersey – The final multi day WR event.

October 2018 – Maryland – Unity Munch

In 2019…yes they’ve planned that far out because yes they are that fucking amazing

January – Maryland – WR Snowball

April – Maryland – WR Sprung

July – Maryland – WR Fireball

October – Maryland – Unity Munch

FOUR times a year you can pack your toy bag and forget your judgment and fellowship with your kinky tribe. You can bust it loose in the largest BDSM dungeon on the East Coast if not the nation. You can have hotel room parties and if they aren’t as hung up as the Aloft, the hallway might also be an option.

The one day event, especially for those on the East Coast and the I95 corridor is softer to the budget. 4 times a year gives you more chances to see things and do things and create stories that will tell themselves over time like throwing a paddle across a room.

Its less time to take off work.  It’s more time to party like a rock star.

It’s needed and I am grateful.

Check out www.weekendreunion.com for updates, and that slim possibility that some rooms may open up.

Aphrodite Brown 

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