2017 Rewind

Before I started this post I didn’t look back to see if I did one last year, but this is the season where I usually reflect on the last 12 months.

What stands out right now, even though that can change in the next 3 weeks is the snap back.

I made it through almost the entire calendar year employed. If my terminal manager were less petty it would have been the whole year.

I moved into the apartment.

I returned to my kinky roots and while it was not the same place I left it was still home.

I still have a long way to go before I can say restored but I am certainly further along than 12 months ago when I was living in a woman’s shelter.

Without further ado [ I really like saying that BTW ] I present the posts from the prior 11 months which stand out the most to me upon reflection:





The Gatekeeper






Portrait 2


Stranger Than



Who Knew?



Quattro Dias



This one was HARD.  I had to choose between my Weekend Reunion Recap and this..

The Party






Empty Words



Fuck Your Paddle

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