Hello my name is Aphrodite and I am a cock sucker.

Hi Aphrodite.

I’ve had to admit to myself that I like to suck dick.

This is not news to those of you who visit these pages, this is not news even to me.  This is however a reflection of one of the reasons why I like to suck dick.

I mean in the grand scheme of things, WHY I like to do it doesn’t really matter right? I like to do it, others like having it done, we get together and shit happens.

I had a fairly recent experience though which made the AHA lightbulb go off in my head.

I’ve talked about my first blow job. That got me to thinking about the power behind fellatio. When I look back and think about the 2 men who only allowed me to suck their dick as a special treat it makes sense. Sorry dominant men out there everywhere, when your dick is in someone else’s mouth it’s not in your control. Yeah yeah you ‘ordered’ me to suck your dick, yeah yeah your holding my hair and stuff…no. Yeah but I have you restrained securely and I have these forceps holding your mouth open and I am stroking and controlling how deep….still …. NO.

Others I am sure can create a think piece to debunk all I say here, but I don’t care. When you place your penis to my mouth for service, it’s about my control.  It’s either my personal control in HOW I am sucking your dick, or your lust which requires my mouth. It’s about putting control in my court. There’s nothing wrong with that, keep doing it.

When your dick is not on my tonsils you can have all that control back, I will yield it willingly – probably.

While I rest most comfortably in forfeiting control, in the moments where I am sucking a dick [or 2..or more] I like it. A lot.

That’s not really the point though, sadly I can get easily distracted when talking about sucking dick.

This post is supposed to be about why I orgasm when sucking dick.  More than one partner has pointed that out, and it’s not lost on me. Shit, it’s one of the reasons I like to do it, things that will give me an orgasm are things I usually like to do.

I’m the kind of girl who when we are together can spend over an hour on your penis. I can have whole conversations while in your crotch.  I can leisurely spend 30 minutes or more just smelling you and casually licking or sucking you without any other intent than just that. I might not be trying to get you hard, I just wanna hang around your dick and balls.

I can count on 1 hand with fingers left over the number of times I got tired of sucking a particular dick. I don’t have to suck your dick with the specific purpose of making you cum.  Of course there are those times when you say ” I don’t cum from oral ” and I than have to show you that yes you do. While I don’t know my personal body count I can tell you that there is only 1 man I’ve ever met I’ve never eventually been able to make cum from oral.  One. You ain’t him.

Mind you, there are women out here on these streets without gag reflexes and who know tricks I’ve yet to master.  In other words there are women out here better at it than me. Men as well.

I’m pretty fucking good at it though and I enjoy doing things I do well.

I also frequently orgasm from giving oral. My -WHY- might be different than you expect. It was a little different than I expected when I thought about it.

I had the opportunity to suck the same penis on a night for 2 different reasons with different personal results.

Scenario #1 – the purpose was to get this particular penis aroused to the point it could be inserted into another person.

In other words I was a fluffer.

My purpose was not my eventual gratification. My orgasm did not happen. I got aroused. I got wet. I got horny. I didn’t cum. My technique wasn’t about trying to extract semen, it was get that soldier at attention so he could go to work.

Now in theory, because the eventual focus of said penis was not me that affected my response to said penis but it wasn’t that.  I did many of the same things I would do later when that penis had the eventual focus of yours truly. In my personal opinion, I was better at fluffing than I was for personal prepping. If I were scoring the two the fluffing gets a 9 the prep a 7.

When it was my turn to receive the penis though, orgasms happened. A lot.

Scenario #2 – after a S&M session I was taken to the bedroom to receive intercourse.

I could blame surroundings, positioning, the S&M warm up.

In truth, at least for this conversation it was all about the breath.

Yes I have a gag reflex. I am not one of those women who work to rid themselves of it either. I’m sure there is some man out there who will eventually wish it wasn’t present but it is and I don’t plan on making it go away.

If I can make myself gag on your dick, I am also likely not breathing properly, and breath play is gonna get me off. Every time.

Sure I know how to swallow a larger dick, not gag, and I can do that for an extended period of time.

I also know how to take that average penis and despite not blocking my airway MAKE it do such.

In scenario 2, even with all of the contributing factors, the different response was more about intermittent INability to breathe than anything else.

When I glance over my oral history orgasm inducing oral tends to be connected more often than not to the loss of control I get from asphyxiation than the control I have over your pleasure. It also comes from loss of control in other aspects.

Yeah, I just spent 1,000 words explaining why I’m on control when your dick is in my mouth, and told you that what gets me off about it is my loss of control.

Hey, I’ve been telling you for a minute that my arousal is complex. I’m just getting a little better at breaking it down for your digestion. The question is are you gonna eat it?

Shoot your shot LeBron. You’re likely gonna make the basket.


Aphrodite Brown


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