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I was just going to ask… what is it about giving head that women enjoy so much?

This is the point in the program where I make the standard disclaimer that the opinions voiced here at Vizionz from the Bottom are a reflection only of me and this moment in time. I do not speak for all women, and as I grow and evolve my perception of things may change.

What’s not to like about it?

I’d read Cosmopolitan and watched a fair amount of porn before I allowed the first penis to enter my mouth at the seasoned age of 19.  I’d had a couple of partners under my sex belt by then but they never asked and I never asked so we never did.

Troy was my first.  I wrote about it here someplace I will post the link to that in the comments when I locate it. What I remember from that first time is this is fucking wonderful.  It was the power that goes with hearing his reaction – he was very vocal. It was the inquisitive nature of me, am I doing this right? It was the whole and entire experience of this is something I am doing sexually that is making me feel.

I felt aroused. I felt powerful. I felt desired. I felt.

After that first time the blow job became my signature move.

I started practicing how to deep throat. I started examining rhythm. I started licking balls.  I started exploring just how much teeth I could use – surprisingly a lot on some men. I set out to be the best dick sucker I could be! Once I realized I could suck your dick and make you cum and you might go to sleep after? And I didn’t have to have intercourse with you? Shit.

Now I didn’t suck every dick I met.  By then I realized that my dick sucking ability was a motherfucking GIFT and everyone ain’t ready for gifts.  If I sucked your dick though you liked it.

I learned that 3 minute ejaculation was the average. I learned that extremely drunk motherfuckers take longer to cum. I learned that I could bring you to the edge and stop and you’d offer me things like marriage proposals and diamonds.

I learned that it turned me on to turn you on. I noticed that my pussy got wet and that my nipples got hard and it made me WANT to fuck you more.

I learned that you will almost never turn down a blow job.

Then all that shit flew out the window when I met a man for who blow jobs were meh.

Ok, not meh but he didn’t react the way the ones before him did.  Yes his dick was hard and it was in my mouth and it stayed hard but he wasn’t responding the way any other man had prior. Niggas heart rate didn’t even change. I thought I was broken.  I thought I’d wasted away all my magical dick sucking skills on the ones before him and the well was empty.

Turns out, he’s just different.  That’s another story for another time though.

After him I paid MORE attention and learned MORE about what the individual penis in front of me needed.

Then a few years back I got to the point where for me dick sucking was meh.  It was a particular partner who shall remain nameless. Our interactions were pleasant but PIV was not on the table for us. I was having these sexual experiences and PIV was not allowed and I figured out that I stopped feeling like sucking his dick.  He was quick to pull it out and enjoy what I could deliver.  He was also quick to return the favor, or often get things started. His hands and tongue were talented. He was fairly skilled at getting me off liberally without PIV.

I just got to the point where I actually resented sucking his dick though. In hindsight it was resentment elsewhere that seeped into our intimate encounters but when he pulled out that pretty penis of his I did that which I do, but mentally I was over it.


It took finally hooking up with Ice Cold to get me to like sucking dick again.

Oh I did it, but ….meh.

I remember about a year ago I was with a partner and as we were undressing he was already rock hard.  In my head I was all like YAAAY we can just get to the secks. He stood there with his magnificent penis though waiting to see…..if.

I think I literally rolled my eyes.

Thankfully he didn’t put his pants back on, I know I would have if the situation was reversed.

Ice Cold though got me back to liking penis in my mouth again.

At our first time as we were undressing each other in my head I actually thought I want to suck his dick.  I did. He won’t know the joy in my heart unless he reads this.  Shit, I’m not even 100% sure he knows what his code name is here.  He might read this and think I am talking about some other dude.

He brought the joy back to dick sucking for me.  I wanted to do it again. I kneeled in front of him and greedily swallowed him and every nerve ending on my body was alive again.  It was like the first time I ever had bacon. He’s actually the reason I have hair again.  Yes I loved my bald head and I felt sexier than I had a right to with it, but you can’t pull hair that isn’t there.

In those minutes rubbing my clit and worshiping Ice Cold’s penis I desperatly wanted him to grab a couple fistfuls of hair and pound my mouth. I wanted to feel the aggression I was inspiring within him on my tonsils. I wanted him to take back his power. he couldn’t get a grip though. Literally and figuratively.

So it’s now 7 days before my birthday and I am about to pack for Baltimore. I’m gonna spend some time with some great people.

I’m also likely to suck some dick.

I suspect I am going to enjoy it.

Aphrodite Brown 

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