The Party

By special request.  Inspired by real events.  

He sees her standing in the hall, just outside the ballroom.  She’s uneasy in her stance.  She looks to her empty wrist looking for a watch that isn’t there.  She feels her pockets on her kilt, her face showing frustration. There is no cell phone because of the policy of the party.  What happens here stays here and there will be no photographic evidence. She begins to pace back and forth rhythmically to the music, but still….uneasy.

She looks around hoping to catch a glimpse of him.  Was she too late? She thought that she knew the time but without a watch or her phone she wasn’t sure. Maybe he got called elsewhere? That wouldn’t be abnormal, he was an important man with a full plate of responsibilities.

He watches her still, understanding every moment she waits is to his advantage.  Her anxiety would negate her preparation. Wolves are special in that way, their hunt is unique.  While larger animals use the element of surprise to capture their prey, the more intelligent wolf will observe, stalk, and exploit weakness. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you however, a wolf – especially when hunting alone – is capable of a vicious burst of savagery to subdue their prey.

She paces more. Absentmindly patting her thighs to the rhythm of the music on the other side of the door. Still no sign of him.  She pulls a cigarette from her pack and lighter.  As she turns to cup her flame he closes the distance between them in haste yet stealth.  She never had a chance.

“There’s no smoking in the building.”

As her gasp of surprise exhales the cigarette falls from her mouth and she burns herself slightly with the flame she’d already forgotten was there. She whispers a small fuck under her breath.

“It’s not lit.”

She moves to pick up her Marlboro.

“Don’t move miss.”

She looks up at him.  He’s taller than her.  At her grand height of 5’3″ that isn’t hard, but in this moment he seems bigger than she recalled.

“I told you it’s not lit.”

“I’ve been watching you.  The only reason it isn’t lit is that I am faster than you.”

She looks around trying to spot the space he was observing from, there is nothing and nowhere he seems to have hidden, yet the same he was there.

“I’m sorry.  I was waiting for someone.  He must not be coming, I will go outside.”


“Hunh? Dude it’s not that serious.  I will just go outside no harm no foul, it’s not lit.”


She looked at him incrediously.


She stood defiantly.

A third time: “Identification.”

“Look, I was supposed to meet someone he obviously isn’t coming. I will just go outside and come back to the party later, it’s not that serious.”

He took a step towards her and leaned down.

“Show me your fucking identification bitch or we have a problem.”

She tried to take a step back but her heel immediately hit the ballroom door. He’d left her no retreat to the rear. Suddenly the space seemed too small suddenly she was breathing heavily.

Defiant none the less, she tried a different approach.  She leaned into him, encroaching on his space.

“Look Paul Blart, it’s not that deep.  I’m going to go outside and smoke my cigarette.  You go back the way you came from and earn your $8 an hour busting someone else’s balls okay?  I paid my cover charge like everyone else and you know good and well I had to leave my ID at the desk.  Now excuse me.”

She put out an arm to move him and suddenly felt cool maple against her face. She was against the ballroom door, face first in a nano second and while she was attempting to figure out how that happened :

“These cuffs are for my safety.”

With little effort he kicked her legs apart, wide, altering her balance so she had no other option than to lean harder into the ballroom door to prevent herself from falling. She felt cold steel against her wrist. Her brain raced as she listened to the click click click click click of the handcuffs locking into place. A breeze was suddenly behind her.  He’d taken a step back.  She tried to push herself back into a standing position but without her hands as leverage that was not possible. She looked down, thinking if she could get him to turn her around she could open the ballroom door. No handles were visible.  The music from inside the hall played a percussion on her cheek.  She was trapped.

“Look I -”

“Shut your fat cow mouth cunt. You were waiting out here for 20 minutes for some guy who obviously was never going to show up. Why would he? Why on earth would he ever want to be with a sloppycunt like you? Hunh? I know your type. Always ready to spread your legs thinking your high mileage pussy is gonna get one to stick around and they never do.  I’m going to check you for weapons now, but I need to put on my gloves, who knows what type of disgusting ho shit you were doing before. You probably didn’t even wash that worn out pussy of yours before you came here looking for your next trick.”

Her mind was racing but not nearly as fast as her heart.  She wanted to think of a method of escape.  He hadn’t tied her legs, if she could get her weight shifted back she could run for it, maybe.  He hadn’t gagged her mouth.  If she could get far enough up the hallway before he caught her she could call for help. Maybe someone could hear her….maybe.  In her current position no one would hear her if she screamed.  He’d pinned here to the door right behind the DJ speakers. Her wails would not make it to any ears over the sound of the treble and the bass.

She felt a sharp pain in her biceps and felt herself being picked up.  It was as if a dozen needles were stabbing her at the same time.  What the…….

Facing him again she looked up into his eyes and her heart sank.  There was a joy there at her predicament that she knew was trouble for her. His facial expression remained stoic but his eyes were bright and alert in a dangerous way.

He took a step back as if inviting her to run for it.  He left just enough space…..then he held up his gloved hands. His huge hands. The gloves were black leather, but also…silver.  There were nails? Spikes? Needles? On the palm. What the ………

He reclaimed his space and began to search her for weapons, with his weaponized gloves. His movements were familiar, similar to law enforcement.  His handling was not.  He raked his gloves across her skin harshly. Not enough to break the skin but with enough pressure to allow her to accept the reality – he was in charge and he would do as he wished.

At her breasts he pawed at the flimsy material of her cheap shirt and a shiver ran up her spine as she heard the fabric tear at the pressure. In short fashion she was topless before him.


She closed her eyes, attempting to steel herself to what may next come. Seconds later her eyes were open again and pleading.  He was pinching her nipples with those vampire gloves h a r d.

She clenched her fists and held her breath.  A single tear escaped from her left eye. Unfortunately for her, that was not the only leak he noticed. A single stream of her wetness traveled down her right thigh.

He smiled.

His hands moved to under her skirt.  A skirt in that moment she knew was too small and regretted wearing. Points roamed her thighs his breath hot on her neck since he had to lean in to reach her……there

She shuddered as if she caught a chill, but what she’d caught was something else. Shoving her fears aside she found the strength to say one word, softly, barely above a whisper but his ear was close:


His right hand flew to her throat and held her steady.  She felt like she was levitating. With his teeth he removed the glove on his left hand. He never loosed his grip on her throat as he freed his penis from his uniform pants. She wanted to believe that he pushed her to her knees but the truth is her descent was her choice. Bound but by steel cuffs and her own lust she leaned into his balls and inhaled deeply. He may be a wolf but she was an animal herself in that moment, allowing her sense of smell to inform her if her meal was suitable to taste.

She opened her mouth wide and accepted his guidance into her mouth.  A deep growl started in her diaphragm and stuck in her throat when she realized, he wasn’t fully aroused and she could only take half of him in her mouth.

She pulled back and rubbed her face on his crotch.  She welcomed the scratch of his pubic hair on her nose and eye lashes.  She blew softly on his shaft and watched the goosebumps appear on his thighs. In that moment she became the predator. With ambition and aggression she returned him to her mouth. Enthusiastic as she felt him swell she alternated between long mouth strokes and just relaxing her jaw to allow more of him inside.

The music played on behind her and she played her own rhythm singing into his microphone an aria of his creation.

2/3 of the way in now.  Making progress.  Licking. Moaning. Stroking. Spitting. Her goal in sight she became relentless.  She allowed her lust to dictate her skill and when the tip of her nose was finally buried in his hair that trickle of arousal on her thighs became a dam break a dark puddle appeared beneath her. Her orgasms back to back like birth contractions pushed her on and further.  Her reward for reaching her goal.  His gloved hand alternated between running through her hair and lightly caressing her cheek. His only reaction the occasional grunt and his hard cock.

To the music of the ballroom they danced this dance, out in the open hall where they could be caught at any time.  Animals in nature do not fear an audience though, they just do that which animals do. They were no longer individual human beings.  They were beasts in the wild in an act of copulation which would not result in reproduction.

Close to his end his gloved hand gripped her hair tightly. His free hand pinched her nose as he pounded her mouth like a pussy.  He arched his back as he started to cum and she tighten her suction around him.  He wasn’t allowed to have a passive orgasm.  She pulled her beverage from him determined that he empty all he had onto her tonsils.

They froze for a moment in time. Predator and prey neither sure which the other was right then.

He slapped her face from his crotch and she leaned forward resting her head on the carpet, inches away from her wet spot.

He quietly leaned over to uncuff her.  He checked her fingers but her circulation was fine.  She held her position kneeling until she heard:

“Get up little one.”

He handed her a shirt from his bag she never noticed before.

“You came prepared.”

“If I was going to make my best girl wait the least I could do was make sure I replaced that shirt I’ve been waiting to rip off you all night.”

“Are we going back into the party?”

“What ever you want little one.”

“Thank you Daddy, I think I wanna dance now.”


Aphrodite Brown 

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