Third Strike

So it’s over with IceCold.

Even though we never got around to figuring out what :we: were that experiment in time is over.

I am an excellent beggar.  I could teach a class on it should the mood strike.  I am not going to beg him however to allow me to take him to the places he wants to go.

That is not how this works.

I sent out three heat checks and true to his name his response was cold.  Mind you, I know his dick still gets hard treading my messages, that is a physical reaction though not a mental one.

He is choosing to deny his own pleasure and in a way I say to that BRAVO!

He made the conscious decision to cheat and now he is making the conscious decision to not cheat with me.  I’m okay with that and I kind of hope it sticks.

While my ever curious mind still wonders there is not a huge loss in my rotation just a minor bump in the road.

The sad part is that now I know precisely how to take him to that place, now that the admission is out there.   The happy part is that he may now choose to dedicate his interests and channel them into his current situation.  If that is the case, she’s gonna be much better off because of me.

* * * * * * * * * * *

In six days I go on vacation.  I am headed to Weekend Reunion and I really can’t wait in a sense. I am looking forward to being separated from my phone and being surround by adults doing adult things.

I’ve been doing adult things but they are boring things like paying my bills on time.

Now I will get to adult in a whole different way.

The last time I went out there among my people single I ended the weekend with a major melt down.

I don’t think that will happen this time.  First it is a new environment not the same place that holds memories of when I had to face the closure of chapter four.

Second these are my people I haven’t seen in two years and if nothin else there will be twerking.  I love twerking.

I am packing light and opening myself to the possibilities.

* * * * ** * * * * *

Work is intense but my R&R next week should help some.  Although I kind of fear that I may come back mad at the world I couldn’t stay away longer.

I will end up writing some about it I am sure, but the specific details of my escapades are gonna find someplace else to call home.  It’s not that I don’t want you to read all about it constant reader,,,,,it’s that WR is like Vegas.  What happens at the event stays at the event and I have an obligation to protect the guilty.

That guilty should include me…If I am in luck.


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