Throw the First Rock

As I contemplate what my next move with IceCold is, I have to think back to the girl I once was.

Lately I’ve enjoyed my single title.  Yes, there are moments when I wish there was a permanent figure in my life, but mostly I enjoy the freedom of being single.

I don’t have to answer to anyone.  I don’t have to take much into consideration.  I am free to move about as I choose and the only consequence is I may have to make more than one phone call to handle business.

Single is good for me at the moment.

I haven’t always been single though, and as I think about what comes next with the Kid, I remember a me who was a cheater.

Way back in the stone ages when I first me Gei I was a girl with a few bodies under her belt but no orgasms.  As much of a temptress I thought I was then, I realized after my first time with Gei that he was out of my league sexually.

It wasn’t even that. The first time was great.  It wasn’. From that looked like it was. Painful turquoise thong he wore, to the lengthy conversation we had before he went down on me our first intercourse session was nothing to write home about.

We didn’t click right away sexually yet there was something about home that made me want more.  I am sure that a part of it was the understanding that he had things to teach me.

I didn’t put all of my eggs in one basket though I was also dating John at the time.    Yes   I cheated on Gei. I justified it in my head that I was just using John to make the sex better with Gei.  I justified by telling myself Gei was married.  I justified my lies to the both of them so that   I could have my way

I was not a very nice person back then.


John and I would maintain a friendship.. Gei and I well that story is complex. I was still a cheater though.

I can tell a story, spin a tale. I can make an excuse or. Series of excuses. The fact remains I cheated. I do not have much guilt about that time. I should.

I wonder if IceCold has guilt. I want to know what his logic is for having my tongue in his ass. I won’t ask those questions. Though until I am. Sure I no longer want his penis inside me.  I don’t want guilt to get in the way of my pleasure.

I am still curious though as to why THIS man decide to cheat.

Aphrodite Brown

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