Three the Hard Way

When I look back at the things I want to repeat in life……this is one of them.

I’ve had a fair share of sexual adventures in my time, and thankfully I ain’t done yet.

A friend’s post on Facebook got me walking down memory lane and remembering the one and only time [so far] that I was the center of attention of three men.

I had a phase where I dated and had sex almost exclusively with Police Officers. It was expedient beyond also being a fetish.  I worked with the Philly PD and like many of us back in the day before Bumble and Tinder you met people along your way in life.

I was just fresh into my job at the Union, but my dating pool was still Philly’s Finest. There was one particular officer I had on my to do list, Aaron.  He was in a Center City District and I met him one night on a drive with my friend Butta. I ran into him about a week later at a night club where he introduced me to his fine assed cousin.  In what is a pattern with me….I don’t remember cousins name.

Yes there are men and women out there I’ve had sex with and I don’t recall their names.  You will deal.

I got a call from cousin inviting me to a birthday cook out for him.  I grabbed Butta and we hit the road.  The cook out was pretty much a dud.  Small crowd, bad food and women giving us the death gaze. We didn’t stay long, the vibe wasn’t right.  I caught Aaron in the kitchen while I was saying my good nights.  He was alone.  I asked what he was doing later, and invited him over.

“It’s my cousin’s birthday” was his response.  I didn’t hesitate….bring him along.

I’d been toying with the idea in my head of a MMF [male-male-female three sum] for a little while.  I don’t have a sexual bucket list I just have things that I want to try when the situation presents, this was one of those moments. I didn’t think that they would be my first, I had two other men in mind, but I was horny and history taught me that if needed I could slay cousin and then I could take my time with Aaron.

After I dropped off Butta and got home I sent out a text and waited.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long.

My bell rang in about 30 minutes and I buzzed them in, only to find…another cousin tagging along.

Now, I don’t even recall meeting #3 {or his name either}, but there he was bringing up the rear.  I was immediately annoyed. When they came in he sensed my annoyance and his response was …..”we are just here to make a sister feel good”

It wasn’t until that moment I thought…..this might be pretty good for me.

I still wasn’t mentally prepared though for three.  I told Aaron to wait in the living room and cousins and I hit the bedroom.
It was apparent then that I was gonna have a problem.  They were drunk.

I wasn’t concerned about my safety physically with just the two of them.  Today all types of red flags and warning bells would go off and I would be likely to not go through with it.  The thing about drunk men is you all can take forever to orgasm.  The one I wanted was in the living room, possibly about to pass out, and cousins were there.

Wait, ONE cousin was drunk…the birthday boy.  The other cousin was not.  Now that I think about it….he was likely who drove them there since the other two were in no condition to drive.

My prize in the other room, I got to work.  Drunken cousin on the bed take off your pants.  I got to sucking dick.  Sober cousin was already at attention and condom wrapped swiftly but he was thoughtful enough to get me wet first.

It honestly felt like an hour, although I am sure it was less time than that.  It felt like an hour because drunk cousin was taking for-ev-er to cum.  Sober cousin had finally gotten to stroking and it was nice.  His penis was truly mushroom shaped and the sensation was different.  I won’t say that my head game is unparalleled.  There are women out there better than me, my skill set however is good enough that my C game runs circles around others A game.

I began with C but drunk cousin was vexing me and I finally had a to turn it to to B+ to top him off.  I dismissed them promptly and went to retrieve MY reward.  He was asleep.  Sigh

Sober cousin helped me wake him though – good looking out there – and I got my reward.

For those who’ve been with me lately you will understand.  I undressed him slowly and took him into my senses.  I licked, I touched and I sniffed.  It is ‘commonplace’ for me now but then it was a new thing.  There was so much sexy about Aaron that I wanted to devour him and I wanted to feel him on all levels.  It is erotic when I think about it, but I wasn’t trying to get him hard…I just wanted to savor the totality of him.

I understand NOW the appeal of it and I subconsciously understood it then when he was rock hard without me having to give a hand job or blow job.

I started cumming almost immediately, and in what would become a pattern later in life…I was ‘loud’.  Loud enough  to have sober cousin invite himself back into the room to watch.  I thought he would be passed out in the living room but my cries of pleasure lured him back in to see the show.  I like putting on a show.

Sober cousin would eventually try to stick his dick back in me.  I slapped him away.  I just wanted Aaron in those minutes, my prize my conquest.  Sober cousin not to be denied though joined in by pinching and sucking my exposed nipple – the one not already underneath Aaron’s massive hand. He positioned himself by my head and spoke wonderfully filthy things in my ear as Aaron pounded away.

That combination is something I am ready for today, in a way I wasn’t then.  I’ve expanded my sexual resume and embraced my kinky desires. Presented with that same opportunity today…..things would be different.  I wouldn’t banish anyone, rather I would encourage them all understanding that my center was their objective and the pleasure it can deliver.

I’d have another occasion later to have a MMF, and that too didn’t go nearly as smoothly as I hoped.

The third time could be the charm though, so just maybe I need to set some things in motion. After all, there is nothing wrong about a girl wanting to feel good.


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