New Home….who dis?

It’s a generic door, in a generic location but I am close to calling it home.

Mind you, I live here.  I have keys, and a bed.

It won’t be home again until Clyde sleeps here every night but he had his first weekend already.

It was magnificent.  His first order of business was to strip to his underwear, get into his bed and snore…a lot.

I know he snored because I sat and watched him for over an hour.

I also cried, quietly though so the king could sleep.

When he woke in the morning he tried to eat all of the bacon. While his resource home has been kind to him, I have to wonder if they’ve been feeding him turkey bacon.

Every two hours or so he wanted to eat so every two hours or so I got into the kitchen ….my kitchen to feed my baby.

I’m making progress and I am one step closer.

Its the little things making me smile today.


Aphrodite Brown



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