I Iz Petty

I know I have issues and with the exception of the moments like this where I share them I don’t necessarily give a damn who knows it.

It was challenging to go back into the workforce.  After so many years of my “job” being Bonnie & Clyde, there weren’t many people checking for your girl as she beat these Philadelphia streets.

The gig did though, and even though I got a rocky start with a piss poor trainer I eventually got the hang of things.

While what I do is by no means splitting the atom, it’s honest, the check clears and it was never my intention to remain there for the rest of my days.

The plan was always get six consecutive months under my belt and get back on the grind.  Along the path though I get very good at what I do, and on merit earned a tentative offer of promotion.

In short, I got recruited.

The gig was willing to offer me a career path, if I was willing to accept.

Along the path though a couple other things happened.

The first was knowing who my “competition” was for the promotion. Shar, bless her heart, she ain’t me.

At this point in the story if you look at all of us in my position, I’m the best they have.  YES, I am arrogant as fuck, and yes I am signing my own praise.

I can sell with the best, reroute with the best, I am the absolute best with customer service, plus I problem solve and soothe better than anyone else they have. Yes there are others who have been here longer but I am the overall best they have right now. That title was once held by another but he crossed over into management. The spot they picked for me is the one he will vacate when all of the axes FINALLY fall at our location.

Noticed I said the one they PICKED for me.  I didn’t go to them asking they offered me this position.

Shar, bless her heart, she ain’t me.

While her intimate relationship – in the biblical sense of knowing another – with our customer service manager might give her his vote, she ain’t me.

He’s all in her head right now coaching her on how to do what comes naturally to me….excel.

He’s spending large swaths of time trying to teach her how to be what I already am, the type of player you franchise.

I suspected as much but when I found her notes on how to do the things I BEEN KNOWING how to do, I chuckled…..as I tossed them in the trash.

Look if he is ok being a trick and she is ok tricking I am not gonna stop either of their hustles. Until it slows down my progress.

Our manager of customer experience suggested I wait before I accept the position offered me.  He says there are changes afoot and he wants me to have the choice of schedules that are going to be available “shortly”.

What he doesn’t know – that I know – he MEANT was :

I need to get my”girlfriend in this door before you because I see how you are light years ahead of her and she’s gonna look real fucking stupid if you two train together.

Im almost fucking flattered.

The other thing that happened while I only planned on being at the gig for six months was my housing finally came through.  It was more important to maintain income as I went through these applications than it was to locate new employment.

Now that lease signing is imminent I need to figure out if I want to make this move with the company or double my hustle and get the fuck up outta this place.

I don’t yet know constant reader so please…..stay tuned.


Aphrodite Brown

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