Old Heads

It’s the night before what would’ve been my third? anniversary with B.

As I reflect on that moment in time I smile because I love that old man still.

My full out beast mode power stretch to the finish line has me spending less time with my people and I miss them so much.  B and my spoon are two very special people, they have to be that way they put up with me.

The three of us combined have had a hellish 24 months.  We are slowly coming out on the other side though and I am gonna do my absolute best to get my spoon up here to the city this summer.

Our connections came on the heels of the conscious uncoupling with a, and I was hesitant really to dive in.  Well actually I wasn’t leaving B, and my spoon is just too damned love able so all of my “plans” were for nothing. From our first collective giggle my spoon and I were mated for life.

A part of the pressure off us was that my spoon and I got to form a friendship.  Now don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t plan to ever have a girlfriend again I am not giving up sex with women.  My spoon can get it….she’s just not into that sort of thing.

My spoon actually created the anniversary date for B and I.  She’s significantly more of a girl than me and while B and I were happy to say we got together around ____ my spoon insisted we have an anniversary to celebrate.  She gathered all of our old correspondence together and like a NASA scientist calculated the appropriate date.

I’m in a moment where I can reflect and think about this because things are still steadily moving forward. Although I am not done yet the imminent lease signing and transition out of Randolph Court has me on a less rocky foundation and yes I am still standing.

As I sat to to write this piece about how two old farts fuck…I thought about the anniversary with my favorite old man.  B has been an old man since elementary school, it’s only now that his physical age matches his old man mentality. In many ways he is always going to be MY old man….so happy anniversary baby.  Who loves ya?


Now while you’ve gotten to hear all the wonderful – well most of the wonderful world – of young man sex there is still a place for my old heads. Like Big Daddy Kane 8-80 is a good age range.  Except we gonna go 18-180 because your girl is about consent.

I hung out with the Gatekeeper the other night.

I was recently thinking about just having a luxurious hour or so just licking balls. Seriously.  Not sucking dick, just hanging around the scrotum licking luxuriously, lazily. Perhaps just a random kiss here and there but just smelling you and tasting you at my leisure and at my pace for my contentment.  Yes, I know women tend to not speak in this way…but I ain’t your average chick. So, when I got to do that the other night I was ready to go to sleep.

As much as I am vibing on that youthful energy thing, a bitch is not 24 any longer.  I can spend a few nights engaging in carnal delights until the sun rises, but after a long day at the job, and two train rides.  After the 30 minutes I spent licking balls I wanted to go the hell to sleep.

I tried to claim my spot on the pillows which were calling my name but he had other things in mind.  I really and truly almost said, can I just go to sleep?

Yes there are times when I am gonna snatch your nut from your balls and not desire reciprocation. Especially at this stage of me, where I am fucking with mostly just me in mind, I don’t have a problem just taking what I want from you and rolling over.

When he started to go down on me I thought for about 14 seconds …do we really have to……and then of course the first orgasm hit and that foolish idea vanished from existence.


while we were fucking, inbetween orgasms I actually thought…..how long are we gonna be doing this?

NO the idea never took root, I was busy trying to drown him, but the thought crept into my head.  It’s not even like I had to get up at O – dark – thirty for work, I didn’t have to be in until 2 in the afternoon.

I am at a stage of life where sleep CAN be just as appealing as splashing on your nuts.

The Gatekeeper and I talked about where we both were a few years ago in our journeys. We both agreed that yep – sometimes ain’t nobody got time to be fucking all night…we gotta sleep.

Which of course…got me to thinking about the kid.  IceCold and I are spending more time sleeping than fucking. Both are welcome and needed, but this script needs to be flipped at our next encounter.  Yes he knows how old I am but that doesn’t mean he should have hit the Golden Corral for the Early Bird with me.

For a night or two I can power through sleepy time and get us where we need to be along the learning curve.  The kid is eager and who am I to slow his education right?

Tonight though this old chick has sore feet and a pillow calling her name.  I will have to delay being a sex goddess for another time.


Aphrodite Brown


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