“Poor is the man who’s pleasure depends on the permission of another.” – Madonna Justify My Love 

I want you to be sure that this is what you want. Not just a little sure.  Not mostly sure. I need to know that you are 100 all in for this ride I planned for you.

You came to me with the premise of their being unfinished business.  I could not wholly disagree when I allowed my self the time to remember that time….

As I recall the feel of your hands on my thighs and the lust leaking from you pores, I agreed there was unfinished business.

I left you then to take my place on my knees with him. I understand that I might just always do that, he is my Groundhog Day. What happens in the interim though is all me, and if you wish it can be all you.

I am not going to profess monogamy.  I’m not built for that these days and it requires a level of commitment I don’t yet know you are capable of delivering. I am also unsure if I want to invest the time to bring you to that level. If I take you there you will be mine forever. You will be powerless to the connection fundamentally understanding that you are at my whim, and my whim is fickle.

With a simple word you will be at standing attention. All your orgasms will belong to me. YOU will belong to me.

With the slightest of effort I can deliver you to places you did not know existed and your body will crave my touch on a molecular level. That intensity brings with it a responsibility to you that I am prepared to give – only if you understand you are prepared to receive.

This is not a game for me…this is my life …this is who I am.

I live on both sides of the slash like Betty Davis sang…just as hard as I can fall for you…you can (and will) fall harder for me.  I can live with that, can you? I told you that the way to your penis is through your brain.  You questioned me. Do you still question when seven words stirred your libido into a frenzy that I alone could settle?  When you’re on top of her, and she sighs contently are you already recalling the way I grip you, massage you, shower you?

This is the exploratory phase. Teaching hasn’t truly begun.

Teaching won’t happen until I am sure you are ready. I am exploring your boundaries so I can dismantle them.  I am poking your limits so I can obliterate them. IF you continue this walk with me there is no retreat. There is only surrender.

Aphrodite Brown

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Aphrodite Brown is the owner and creator of Vizionz from the Bottom. Vizionz is a life and culture blog covering all aspects of life from pop culture, to politics, to parenting, with an extra heavy dose of alternative lifestyle & sex positive living.
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