Skin So Soft

I smiled when I heard that last night. I always smile when he says that. It conjures images to me of women with leathery cracked skin, that he says my skin is soft.

I gotta say it was a good day.

With the exception of The Man, I am not really about that reminiscing life.  Once our chapter is done I place it mentally in my reserve for the Vizionz novel. What happens though when you weren’t “together” and you didn’t “break up”?

I’ve spent the past few months sticking my toe back into the dating pool. That’s gone fairly well, with the exception of intercourse. My recent lovers haven’t been “bad” – but they are not what I’ve grown used over the  years.

There is a slow dance before the main event that I am not sure I still have time for in my life. I enjoy the freedom that comes with a dominant partner exerting their will on me. I prefer a partner who will do what they want.  I am not short changed in that scenario…I am of service in those moments. While sex is not the cornerstone of D/s for me…..a dominant who is capable of objectifying me is what I crave.

It was pleasant to sit with an old friend and talk.  We got to catch up on our life events, both of us have had a tumultuous two years. It was wonderful to sit and laugh and tease. We slipped into our roles like wearing your favorite pair of slippers. Even as we retired to the bedroom for the night, my deference and his leadership set the tone.

There’s a reason beyond my reunification with The Man which stopped our interactions. That was apparent pretty early on, but not so overwhelming that I would say no to him.

I absolutely wouldn’t say no to the BHS [bare handed spanking] I got.  I even sat still for the paddle he brought and I fucking HATE paddles. While my inner masochist had more she craved, the fact she was addressed and attended is appreciated.

He still has to compete with the youngins who keep hollering at a sister, but he has a place in my existence, this life I have to live now.

In my head I’d bring the kids to one of those sessions and have them take notes. In my  perverted head we all have skool time with me as the center needing sexual dissection.

For now though,

It’s like riding a bike. Sex with me. You never forget how to ride this ride.

That is a positive thing.


Aphrodite Brown 


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