I Love You Mary Jane

Once upon a time not long ago………..

From what I’ve divined from the handful of episodes I’ve seen….I was this chick once upon a time.

In a few ways I am still her.

I’ve spent more of my life being single – sexy – successful and searching than otherwise.  The searching part is the least of it.  In part because I’ve been emotionally tied to The Man for years and in part because I am not power walking towards marriage searching isn’t my thing.

Companionship won’t ever be an issue.  I have breasts and a vagina, I am single only as long as I choose to be single.

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.  When I look in the mirror I see a titan – a monolith and nothing can stop me.  I possess the ability to make you think I am sexy even if you’ve never been attracted to a fat Black chick before.

Successful is a relative term. I stopped judging my success by my pay stubs and began to measure it by the people I touched along the way.

Mary Jane apparently has some issues. I also have issues.

What I don’t have though is the judgment I’ve witnessed tossed her  way for no good reason.

I see a woman who is just trying to live her life and we can’t stop throwing shade at her to realize what we have in common.

We still subscribe to the illogical, that women cannot be sexual creatures. All data says otherwise yet we still toss about the words ho and slut and whore as if we don’t have those similar qualities.

We still buy into the uncanny, that women are not complete until they have a husband. Even the lovely and talented Mary Jane has gone to see a matchmaker because all she ‘needs’ is a husband to complete her.

Complete her how?

I’m not in denial that humans are designed to partner up, I am questioning if that partnership MUST be marriage.

Mary Jane took a stranger to bed in this season’s opener.

I’m gonna follow her lead — kind of — he won’t be a stranger but I’m gonna have a gratuitous, sweaty, multiple orgasm inducing encounter.

Then I’m gonna write about it.



Aphrodite Brown 

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