There’s no place like home:

This sideways photo here is of a place that is familiar to me.  It is my first childhood home.  When Lewis & Bonnie adopted me they brought me to this structure. It was in that window next to the LewBlum Towing sign that I waited every day to see Lewis’ car pull up, waiting for daddy to come home. It is not visible in the photo but there is a garage there.  My father had a Lincoln TownCar. My mother drove a yellow Pontiac.

As foreign as Limekiln Pike always was to me, this place always felt like home. It was the space where happiness existed before things went wrong. I can see this structure from what should soon be my new home.

The bedroom which will be mine is directly opposite this structure.

I am both exhilarated and terrified at the same time.

I will be making a new home with my Clyde, and one that sadly won’t include my Bonnie.  Or my Onyx for that matter (RIP)

While Clyde sleeping in his bed nightly is still a little bit off, lease signing on my new home is literally a series of days away. Technically weeks but I am gonna go with days because I can.

I’ve lived in this shelter almost a year.

I’ve been working full time again since August.

By the time I head to Baltimore for Sprung, I will have slept in a bed that is my own, cooked in pots that are mine and run the dishwasher and garbage disposal numerous times.

I’ve lived this nightmare for over two years and while things can’t be restored, there really is no place like home – and I am about to have a home of our own again.


Aphrodite Brown


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