Year in Review 2016


Hey there constant reader!

In what is now a Vizionz tradition, your getting links to my “favorite” posts of the previous 11 months. Favorite doesn’t necessarily mean the best, rather as I scroll through they are the ones which resonate the most as I moonwalk through 2016.  You’re getting this a little earlier than normal. Truth be told I’m fucking exhausted right now but my need to be petty is on 💯 so here we go:

January 2016

Body Blows

February 2016

Chainsaws & Magic Pockets

April 2016

The BluePrints

May 2016

…………and then some

June 2016

Radio Silent

July 2016

A Body in Motion

August 2016


September 2016

Mookie, “Money” Mike, and the One Armed Man


October 2016

Awkward Much?


November 2016

Affirmative Choice

December 2016



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