Yes Ma’am


I don’t know a lot about Cougars except they are big cats. I like cats.

For eons it seems I’ve only allowed myself to consider dating men my age and older.  The one exception is Clyde’s father and well that ended badly.

I am pretty sure it’s all about my “daddy” issues and I am pretty sure I will deal with it in therapy.

I am less sure though how to navigate this particular part of my journey.

The young men are hollerin and I don’t think I can keep turning them all down. I know for certain there is one who barring a “male” moment is gonna get his turn at bat.

When I say “male” moment I mean that thing you guys do which despite my best efforts to give you the drawers……you speak and my normally juicy vagina turns into the Sahara Desert. Men if you knew how often you talked yourself out of vagina you’d cut your tongues out.

Even with all the shit of the past couple years I walk around pretty horny.  My libido never really went in hiatus, I just told her fuck you. I’ve had moments where urges were overwhelmingly strong but I either suppressed them or chose to honor a commitment I made elsewhere.

I have no regrets but if I told you how long it’s been since I had penis inside vagina sex I doubt you’d believe me.

As sexual a creature I am … doesn’t mean I fuck all of the time…or even want to all of the time. Even with The Man ….well not him …but with other men there really came a point where I get:

dude I have a life I can’t just fuck all day….

Since things are hopefully gonna be changing DRAMATICALLY in the next 60 days I figure now is a good time to get some ass. If it’s good I may go back for more even.

It should not tickle me as much as it does but hearing him go Yes Ma’am gives me a tingle.  I mean he stroked my ego well, and this time his timing is right and the Yes Ma’am is like he is begging me.  Begging is beyond sexy.

Of course there is a bad way to beg, which is how youngin number two does it but I try to cut him some slack.  I know about being awkward and all of that…..but I also know how perilous fucking number two is and the ramifications.

While all these approaches make a girl feel wonderful I take the power of my pussy a lot more seriously now than I did say 15 years ago. In theory…’s just pussy.

But I took it away from Clyde’s father and a whole,wife later he’s still mad.  I took it away from Tansey and according to sources he hasn’t had sex since. I took it away from a and child services showed up on my doorstep.

Of the four prospects two are doing what resembles a full court press one keeps letting me know she’s gay and the fourth has made me his girlfriend in his head. Choosing any of them has risks but Yes Ma’am…..well, there is something there that tells me he might be able to handle my B game.

I do recall I like how his hands felt.  He wasn’t afraid to touch me when we met……..six years ago.

Apparently I made an impression.  That’s a lot to live up to when you think about it. I’m sure I haven’t been the only woman on his mind, but remembering details of six years ago is impressive.

Impressive to the point it’s gotten my attention.

Holding my attention is harder though so the jury hasn’t rendered a verdict. What I do know is I should pick up some condoms at the drug store tomorrow……just in case.


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