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Mommy & Clyde

Same haircut – same nose – same skin tone – slightly different perceptions of that moment in time

That right there is my Clyde.  If you’ve seen other photos of us (which is rare these days thanks in part to the “incident”) you see he’s grown significantly.

That’s what kids do, they grow.  Most of us get to watch our children grow. Until Halloween 2014 I got to see my Clyde grow.

He is the most amazing child.  He was literally ripped from my arms that day and its been a huge struggle every day since to simply exist let alone rebuild. One woman’s animus and need to lash out in revenge because I dared leave her altered my world.

I will never be grateful, but I can understand that her evil propelled me to finally get some things done I would never have on my own.  I was never going to make the choice between Bonnie & Clyde. Even when not making that choice almost killed me – twice.  I was going to keep moving, keep struggling and in ways suffering.

While we haven’t lived together since November 1, 2014, we are no less a family.  We are no less in love with each other, and Clyde is no less my whole world. Our bond has remained because of who we are as people, and family.

I always knew he would come home. I also always knew that “home” would not be where we were before.  It was gonna be someplace different.

I got a phone call today and I dare to hope.

Yeah, I know.  Hope hasn’t always worked well for me.  I am gonna do it anyway though. I have to because without that hope there is no reason why I am doing that which I am doing today.

I have an intake appointment – almost 24 months after my first application. It is not a promise, it is a possibility.  I will take it because it gives me one more moment of hope.

My baby is coming home, that is not a question…….but he might just be home by Thanksgiving.



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