Less Than Great Expectations

I started to write this by putting in a title.  I don’t often throw in a title because the title normally fleshes itself out through my writing. As I typed in the title this time, a (2) appeared.  Someplace else here in Vizionz there is something called Great Expectations, even a girl like me repeats herself.

Like I am about to repeat myself now:


Nate Parker, is a not convicted rapist:



This is not some grand plan to derail Birth of a Nation.

The fish bowl this man is living through at the moment is what should have happened 18 years ago when he was at Penn State.   By now though we understand the gravity (or lack there of) Penn State assigns to sexual assault and rape.  As a student athlete Parker was one of the untouchables.  His elevation would only be higher if he wore shoulder pads instead of head-gear.

18 years ago he raped a woman that he knew.  He invited other men in the space to also rape her. He went on a campaign to harass her when she reported that she was raped. She took her life in 2012, her story left to be told by cold words in black and white on victim statement and transcripts that wandered onto the Internet.

Parker refers to the rape as a painful incident from his past.

Almost as if he were the person who were raped.

Men (and sadly women), have come out the woodwork to “cosby” Parker.

To “cosby” is to proclaim that a Black man is about to enter greatness and must be taken down a notch.

While I am sure in a sense that truth exists in some of Parker’s critics…..let’s get real:

He is catching shit because he raped a woman and got away with it.  He deserves every grenade tossed in his direction.  He deserves every fuck you the Internet gives him and if Birth of a Nation falters, it is not the blame of those who opt out of going to see a rapist on screen.

Parker has himself to blame for being a fucking asshole rapist.

This is not a call to boycott Birth of a Nation.  I flip flop between seeing it or not almost daily.  I am desperate to see my story as done by my people, but he also sold the shit to Fox/Searchlight which has ruined many a story that could’ve been FUBU.

If people do boycott Birth of a Nation ….. let them live.

Stop trying to shield this man from catching this fade that the justice system refused to give him almost 20 years ago.  It is a long time coming.

Stop the campaign to say well this “incident” from his past……

Its not a drunken piss on the dean’s lawn.  He participated in the rape of a woman.  That is serious.  That is severe.  That deserves all that Parker is getting now and then some.

Stop telling me Woody Allen and Roman Polanski make movies.  Guess what?  They are  also rapey assholes who deserve all the shit they catch as well.  They DO catch it, even if in your desire to absolve Blackness you do not see it.

Nate Parker made a movie.  Nate Parker also raped a woman.

Both Parker’s exist in the same space, so stop  ignoring the rapist.

For a change, listen to the woman attacked.

Or you could…..if she hadn’t finally succeeded in taking her own life.  Her first attempt?  Right after Parker and friends violated her.


Stop defending Parker and Cosby and all the other rapists out there.

You see, with your zeal to make them less “guilty” to society as a whole…you look just the fuck like them to the point I can not tell the difference.

Aphrodite Brown

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