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I don’t get how this new into my job they are “pressing” me to cross over from employee to team leader.  I should feel flattered but I don’t.  I feel like it is a set up.  The bottom line is they are not gonna pay me enough to cross over and out of the bargaining unit. I wonder why though, they see me and see manager.

I know that I am capable, but I hope that when people see me they also see my dedication to fairness and people.  I want people to see my battle for the underdog vs the bottom line. If you see me you should see a UNION girl not a corporate shill.

If I were younger perhaps but at this stage of my life, they would have to dig deep into their corporate profits and I know they won’t pay my asking price.

I don’t understand some of my peers here in transitional.  From the moment I got here to oh say 20 minutes ago I’ve searched for employment. In a building with 25 women, only a handful of us leave and go to work.  I am not trying to get comfortable here and I certainly hated being broke.

I do not understand how some of my peers choose to stay still and not move in one direction or the other.

I don’t get the new cougar emerging from me. I dunno maybe I am just extra horny but I’ve been checking out the youngins.  On paper I prefer those in my age range.  At a certain point it becomes necessary to socialize with people who remember that there was no such thing as 24 hour television and that phone cord struggle while trying to cook dinner.


I am gonna blame Officer Friendly. I am also gonna blame that young man on my FB friends list …. well both of them actually.

I am not going to blame my 43 year old hormones….nope.

There are lots of things out here that I don’t understand.

Candidate Trump anyone?

What I do understand though is today in this instant I feel more like the person I can be than the person I was.

I was never going to make the hard choices when it came to Bonnie & Clyde. I just wasn’t so that decision was made for me.

I remember vaguely the woman who existed prior to Clyde’s gestation and I feel like her in a lot of ways. It is significantly better than the woman who was lost just a year ago. I am more complete as an individual person which is gonna make for a better mother when my baby comes home.

I also don’t understand how to write all of these past 2 years as a comedy that Netflix will pick up and make me rich.  So if you can write a screenplay and are ready to split a paycheck holla @ your girl.


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