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nationalorgasmdayIn honor of National Orgasm Day, Aphrodite shares some insight into her big “O”.

Masturbation is free.

I am still reflecting on my time with the DNC. As much as I hate to admit it I miss a few things about the event. I hate to admit it because an event like that happens so infrequently I might spend a lot of time searching for a similar experience.

Kind of like my sex life.

Once I evolved past that 20 something girl who was mortified that she had 13 sexual partners things got real interesting. Interesting as in I began to fuck without remorse. It was liberating. I had the option of intercourse without the weight of social guilt slowing down my path to my orgasm.

It still took time to find my orgasm but losing the social construct of a slut number helped me along that path. Since then I’ve had extended periods of abstinence. Being in control of my sex and sexuality means that I can abstain or not without the stigma attached to either. I get horny like any other “normal” person, but I am not married to an idea of sex which requires me to absorb hetero normative behaviors when my personal line of demarcation is different.

Let’s just assume for a moment that I’ve had a lot of sex in my life. In theory that also means I’ve had a lot of orgasms. While both statements are true in my case, my personal path to the orgasm varies.

When I heard Gei’s voice for the first time there was something about it which enthralled me. I insisted to myself that I was not physically attracted to him when we finally met in person. When we met up for our very first sexual encounter he had on a turquoise thong which devolved me into hysterical laughter. Our initial act of intercourse was underwhelming. Now 20 years later he’s become the standard most men must live up to, and almost all of them fall short – in a variety of categories.

My first time with Gei there was no orgasm.

At that point in my history I wasn’t having orgasms. I didn’t know what they were.  The act of sex was pleasurable but it didn’t deliver an “O” to me.

My “O” came later…..and then often.

Once I found out what the “O” was I refused to go back to sex without it. [A mind once stretched can never return to its original form] Thankfully I haven’t had to go back to that once upon a time.

Today I can extract my orgasm from just about any partner. I am exceptionally good at extracting multiple orgasms from myself. I like to cum.

What varies is how I select the partner who I share those orgasms with and how and kind of why.

There is more than one Aphrodite when on the prowl.

I tune into the energy you send me and I almost always fall into one of two modes:

  • The submissive falling into your compelling presence making herself open to the possibility but not aggressive in her approach
  • The dominant who wants to devour you without break and leave your bones on the ground behind me

There is not much between those two modes so let’s look into them.

In my experience even a Dominant person appreciates being approached. It erases one barrier to the end game (whatever that is for the two).  A submissive who makes it clear to a dominant that they are available and open to possibilities is but one step in the road to consent and that step is often welcome. I mean think about it, exhausting chasing pussy all the time right?

When I am in this mode my intentions are clear but my aggression is diminished. I often fall back and wait for the “next move” of the dominant and at times that can cost me the experience. I am used to the dominant taking what they want and reaping the benefits. I often feel as if I granted the green light signal and they drove right on in. I prefer that when met with dominant energy.  It makes me feel as though I am in my place and proper. Shit, it makes me gruntled.

In my experience while the dominant appreciates my suggestion and aggression……it lasts only figurative moments. Aug. 4 saw that first hand. From the moment we met it was clear I wanted something besides a handshake and a smile. When the opportunity finally presented itself, we conjoined in epic fashion. While he wasn’t Gei, he certainly fell into a needed role in my life.

Now 180 degrees away is my aggressive side.

When I am in beast mode there is no one safe, no one secure, and often no one who can keep pace with me. Thus far only 1 person has, yet because of his energy beast mode is subdued.

I know he often wished that aggression he saw was directed more towards him. I may attempt to fix it if given another chance.

In the interim, there are not many partners who can keep pace when I am on the tear.  Right now I am plotting on how to get three of my “roster” on deck at the same time so that I can at the very least be full if not satiated.

Finally, now that I’ve written this I am gonna go rub a few out.  The day is early and masturbation is free.


Aphrodite Brown


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