The DNC and Me

I’m with her….mostly I guess.

As a home-grown Philly gal I have to say, I doubted that we would get the Democratic National Convention right. My doubts were for the most part misplaced. In the city where history for this nation as it exists today began….we made history again.

If you’ve been around Vizionz for a while you know that I fancy myself a political animal. While I haven’t done a lot here lately about elections and such, my zeal for politics hasn’t changed.

I don’t write about it as much and then again I don’t write as much as I used to here.  This is temporary, my drought. Some of it is writer’s block and some of it is not being able to discuss certain aspects of my life right now.

I miss talking about politics though. I miss ranting and raving here about the absurdity of some things and the specific greatness of the POTUS. What can I say…..he grew on me.

So, although I don’t write much here I am still down with the civics.

I got awarded an opportunity to work the DNC.  I was always gonna volunteer, but when they said hey! we will pay you! a girl just could not refuse that work.

I took off the regular gig and shuffled on down to the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.

My specific job was to get the delegates on and off the buses contracted to shuttle them too and from the city. My specific night end position was to get the delegates from the great state of Texas back to their hotel.

Orange 16 was my tiny part of the 291 bus kingdom on the secure lot.

I wasn’t ready.

By the end of night one my legs no longer felt attached to my body yet somehow my feet hurt so damn bad I wanted to cry.  When the let out happened at 1am, I hobbled back to the residence in South Philly.  Now the residence is less than one mile from the Wells Fargo Center, but I may as well still live on Limekiln Pike for all the pained steps it took to get to the front door.

I got there though, and was slightly better prepared for night two.

Night two happened to be the “official” start of events.

This was the night they sent me to orange 16 and I met Officer Friendly and the rest of my crew.

My crew was fun. Officer Friendly was hot and the delegates of the great state of Texas kept a smile on my face.  I am still 43 and fat though so once more at nights end I was in pain in ways I kind of don’t have the words to describe.

I got to meet a lot of politicians.  For me I was like Rachel Maddow on White House Correspondent’s night….Nerd Prom. I was shouting out the names of men and women I only saw on C-Span and MSNBC and they were waving and hugging me back.

I had one early awkward moment when Dwight Evans, Philly’s soon to be newest Congressman and I pulled him into a dab. I’ve know that man since I was in grade school and was proud of him. He tried to give me a look at first like

“we don’t show them our secret handshake”

yet you should know me by now constant reader….I kept on coming.

I got to work with a couple dozen men and women whose names I never remembered, but the laughs and jokes we shared shall always remain.  Like the time we took the golf cart on a joy ride.  Hey…….we had a LOT of down time waiting for that final gavel to go bang.

There were frustrating moments, like not getting our promised night’s end transportation out of the secured perimeter. Those moments were eclipsed though by being in the presence of history as our nation finally caught up to where I was eight years ago….with Hillary.

Then there was Officer Friendly.  He’s from Detroit, Michigan and helped “pass the time”. Thank you Sir. Stay safe out there.

I may or may not have done some inappropriate things in his presence but he never handcuffed me.


There were even two ex lovers on site.  I managed to duck them both pretty well. By Thursday night we were doing the electric slide and twerking to kill the time.  My friends from Weekend Reunion would be proud that I manged to get an spontaneous twerk contest going. I was proud also to see all that ass bouncing in the air.

I get a leg rub which helped my aches and pains….I should have gotten a foot rub as well.  In my defense though a foot rub would’ve meant even more inappropriate things happening on those buses and I couldn’t very well have my delegates hopping on a bus that smelled like pussy. *ahem*

Speaking of pussy….how ironic is it that I ended up working a route with a super sexy law enforcement officer who when presented with the question:

“May I longingly fondle your handcuffs?”

Responds with a no…..but does go on to explain his plans to open a public dungeon and his own play room.

From a historical standpoint I was there the night we said a woman can do this.

As a woman, a woman who has done some things…I say yes she can.

There is not anyone before her more prepared and with a better adviser. She is certainly better in my opinion than her alternative.

There are no daughters in my future but as a former little girl seeing that it is possible makes the otherwise impossible small potatoes.  I am 100% good with that.

And some things I learned about Aphrodite:

my libido is not asleep

my seduction abilities are still keen

men like my bald head

all this walking and such has given me a little bit of an ass bump

I need to do things like that on more than two hours sleep

there is a man out there with great fucking hands I wish I still had at this moment

using causation and correlation in a sentence, the same sentence, can make a man’s penis jump

I am slowly returning to form….or formation which ever you prefer

I am headed in the right direction

I have a bit of cougar in me and I am NOT ashamed.

and finally


masturbation is free


Until next time constant reader,


Aphrodite Brown



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