Chainsaws & Magic Pockets

This entry is mostly for my people- my spoon and B.

The rest of you might enjoy it but they are gonna get all the inside jokes.

First off…… You all have my address. I fully expect there to be Thin Mints in my mailbox. Soon. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

So after a hiatus for a number of reasons I am back to regular visits with Clyde. Somehow this child has managed to grow to a height that is above my shoulders. Fucking miracle grow in the beef or something but he’s not supposed to be that tall.

The two of us together again is fucking awesome. We had a tickle fight today. I lost. I somehow always lose. I somehow don’t mind ever.

Wednesday was interesting though.  For weeks now I’ve tried to explain to my boy, that mommy doesn’t have the money to pay a cell phone bill so there is no dats plan to play WiFi Elmo.  Every week Clyde is not amused.

Wednesday after our extended hugs he reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar and handed it to me in the sky.  He didn’t want the visitation coach to see it.  It looked like he was trying to slip me a nickel bag of weed or something.

He slid me the dollar and grabbed my cell phone and smiled at me.

I started crying.

Clyde then walked up on Jenkins and started pointing and grunting and Clyde-yelling.  I call it that because there really isn’t a way to describe it unless you’ve heard it.  Clyde thought Jenkins was making me cry.  Jenkins was about to get Sparta kicked. I saved Jenkins. Had it been Graham Crackers I don’t think I would’ve saved him.

So the magic pocket still exists. It does not appear to be producing 100s …….yet.

I’m typing this from the Dunkin Donuts. For the first time in literally months I am having a large coffee….with eight creams and four sugars. I’m not at the one with the Korean Bible study group (although I am sure my soul could use some saving).

I am at the one where the man walked in with the chainsaw.

LaLa is awesome in many ways but also not so awesome at times.

I almost missed this.  And in a way this is a bit like “normal” but it’s not the same without you in my ears my spoon. Yes, my giggle is still broken without you. Sadly so is the house phone at the moment so I can’t call you and say I’m sorry for being gone.

I am though.

Fully. Desperately. Deeply. Absolutely.

I want you back even if you don’t mail me Thin Mints……but


mail me some thin mints


damnit ( in my hard voice)

I love you both.

I miss you both.

Yes you hop along





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