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Its been quite some time since I brought Twitter here to Vizionz. This seems long overdue.

For many years now, I’ve advocated for women to just do that which they wish to do and not concern themselves with the opinions of others.

Boy it is difficult to tilt at this windmill when women are just as judgmental as their male counterparts. If I am fighting and advocating for women, for our rights and our equality, it is disheartening to see that other women are just as oppressive as the men who started it all.

Words Matter.

Mrs. Curry didn’t think her tweet would start a Twitter war, but then again she also doesn’t realize her language is offensive.  In her head she was commenting out loud to a fashion magazine which didn’t appeal to her personal style. In reality she wa furthering the erroneous concept that a woman should be defined by her body, and its value to a man.

In this Tweet the one who matters isn’t Ayesha Curry. The one who matters are the millions of women who suffer because it is socially acceptable to shame a woman for how she dresses.

What goods are being covered? When did a woman’s body become goods? Why is it applauded when a woman opts to cover these goods and condemned if she makes a different choice? Curry’s “harmless” comment is yet another bullet in the gun which shoots women down daily.

Let’s get a couple things out into the open:

  1. A woman is more than her physical appearance.
  2. A woman’s value extends beyond what she presents in that physical appearance


Defining yourself as “classy” isn’t a statement of personal preference. Words Matter.

When Ayesha took the steps to determine that what she saw wasn’t “classy” she shamed the women who choose differently. That is a problem.

She chose to elevate herself by devaluing others and that is also a problem.

While I doubt that was her intention, the reality is that is what happened.

She didn’t invite HOTEP Twitter to use the opportunity to remind women that there is a fictitious standard they should hope to attain to be worthy of the attention and affection of a man.


Today let us take the opportunity to say covered or not a woman is more than what she presents.  Also let us get out of Ayesha’s mentions since I’ve heard that is a bad thing.


Aphrodite Brown

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