Push the Button

Author Feminista Jones tackles alternative expressions of consensual sex in her debut novel Push the Button. The 117 page story revolves around Nicole a 30-something woman in a BDSM relationship.

Author Feminista Jones

Author Feminista Jones

Nicole is a lifestyle submissive, she chooses to defer to her partners in matters sexual and otherwise. Those unfamiliar with the verbiage may not recognize D/s at first sight but it is explained within the context of the novel. D/s indicates a dominant/submissive combination which is popular in the alternative world of BDSM. Nicole is absolutely kinky but she is also absolutely relatable.
We follow Nicole in her current relationship and are given flashbacks to a prior relationship through the course of the story. The author through this method gives the reader an entertaining yet titillating glimpse into BDSM while also teaching the differences between abusive and consensual behavior. In some ways the book is D/s 101 without dry technical jargon. Push the Button is a simple introduction to a complicated world that piques curiosity instead of sending the reader screaming in the opposite direction.
Feminista’s characters aren’t billionaires with unlimited income and the expectation of subjugation. Her women aren’t waiting for a man to take them away from it all. Her men aren’t one dimensional caricatures of what a woman thinks masculinity offers. Originally published as a series of short stories on her website  http://www.feministajones.com there are moments where the transitions could be smoother. Those brief moments are eclipsed by the talented pacing of the author, the story doesn’t go stale.
The last few chapters deliver an unexpected twist to the story. The characters and the readers find themselves perplexed and disconnected. This is not an insult, rather it is a compliment to the author to create a living work of art that impacts one viscerally. Push the Button is worth the purchase and the read.
Feminista Jones announced in March 2015 Push the Button will have a sequel titled “In Search of”. The original Push the Button novel has been optioned by Pollen Pictures with the intention of bringing this story to a television screen near you.


For information on purchasing Push the Button please visit: http://feministajones.com/blog/push-the-button-ptbbook-how-can-i-buy-the-book/


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