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Get Bill Maher the fuck outta here yo.

Many moons ago I used to watch a show called Politically Incorrect. It was on ABC and it was funny. It was funny in that way everything after 11:30 is funny when you’ve been awake since 5am.

Maher get fired from that gig. He found a new home at HBO, where he could say things like fuck and be irreverent. HBO Bill was significantly funnier than ABC Bill. That might just have something to do with my love of the word fuck, don’t judge me.

RealTime with Bill Maher used to be must see TV for me. We shared opinions on legalizing marijuana and that White male Republicans are mostly stupid.  It was years of laughing bliss, and then Bill went full Islam-o-phobe.

Bill has no respect for organized religion.  His roasting of Christians is normally something I can rock with, it’s funny. A little while ago those jokes he used to tell about Islam turned to acid. In Bill’s head Islam is a religion where radicals are the normal not the exception. We – or translated from Bill’s head – WHITE PEOPLE! should fear not radical Islam….but all of Islam.

He feels the targeting, profiling and other daily harassment of these men and women of faith is justified because one day two buildings fell down.  News flash – it is not.

The final straw for me was listening to Maher justify the ridiculous treatment of this young man:



Google it if you like, I won’t repeat it.  Rather I am going to remind people what happens when you THINK that a child brings a bomb into a school.

You dial 911

You evacuate the school

The BombSquad investigates and detonates

What doesn’t happen is you don’t leave a school full of vulnerable innocents and handcuff a 14 year old. When you take that course of action you are harassing a Brown child because you see him as inferior because he doesn’t eat pork and fasts during Ramadan.

Deep in the heart of Texas this was about frothing fear in Whites who have irrational fear and hatred for those sand niggers with the funny names.

I expect that of Texas, not of the self proclaimed progressive Maher.  If you are a progressive sitting on a panel with George Pataki and the audience can’t tell which one of you is talking because you sound the same? It is time to admit you’ve gone full retard and relinquish your credibility.

Maher won’t do that though so instead I will relinquish my fandom. One of us needs the intestinal fortitude to make a stand. Perhaps……in time he will see the error of his ways.

In RealTime though…..I got better shit to do.



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