Sort of......

Sort of……

Today and yesterday are mostly quiet.  I wondered how I would react to the quiet, now I have my answer….I’m doing fine.

In the quiet though thoughts run amok and questions form.

I haven’t thought about this person in some time.  They were removed to make room for other things that needed priority seating.

In the quiet while reading old blog posts a paragraph leapt out at me and reflections happened.

Many of us understand that what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves.  Those annoying habits we see in others often is a trait we own that see, when our vizion is clear.

I often hold those close to me on a pedestal.  Gei warned me about that years ago but it is my nature which is pretty much unshakable now. I see the positive in my inner circle which is in part what attracted me to them, the negative manifests later.

Over time I learned that when the negative manifests it is important to not hold my people accountable for my inflation. One of the things I’d forgotten was that as I do others do, and not everyone is prepared to keep it real.

The words of someone bounced about my head, and it occurred to me that over the years, what they accused me of, they were also tainted with in spades.

The ah-ha moment appeared and had me looking at all our past loggerheads.  It allowed me to realize that those shots fired across my bow months and months ago were not about me – rather it was about the person they saw in the mirror I held.

At this moment I am too busy with important shit to call them on the proverbial carpet.  I hope I shall remain too busy. The confrontation is not needed, it would only happen because I wanted to avoid something unpleasant in my life and they were a distraction to my progress (or set back).

Today it is enough to write this and move along.

Tomorrow will handle herself when she gets here.



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