Ayuda Means Help in Spanish



This is the photo of Bonnie & Clyde I love most. This is how I try to remember them.  I do not always succeed.

In the past eight months this photo seemed impossible to achieve again.  I ask you constant reader to help me make this happen. Our family needs reunification. While I work to make that happen, we also need financial assistance.

I have to rebuild a home.  Home in the sense that it is a safe place foe my mother and son.  We need new furniture, they need new clothing.  We need a refrigerator for food, rugs for floors, paint for walls.  If it exists chances are we need it.  What we need most though is one another.

You cannot give us back our last eight months apart, but you can give us the financial foundation on which to build that which is new for us, a different address but one where we are all under one roof not 3 separate ones.

If donations by you are not possible I ask, I plead, I implore you to share our story with your social media networks. While you might not be able to send $20, perhaps two of your friends send $10.

We we just want to be together again. Please help us get there.

The link for the GoFundMe donations account is here: http://www.gofundme.com/lmr8dg

Nicole, Bonnie & Clyde

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