What happens at Weekend Reunion – STAYS at Weekend Reunion!

Except for these excerpts I wanted to get onto paper:

In the past 3 years or so the effort to get me to my kinky family reunion in the DMV area has been noteworthy.

For two of those years I missed the Sunday cool down.  One of those years I had to head back home at the ass crack of dawn.  Yet another time I almost didn’t make it at all and it took a loose lug nut to get me onto the highway.

This year I had no such obstacles really.  I had only one — ME.

Writing has been sparse here due to my home circumstances.  One woman’s malice has turned my life into hell on earth since Halloween and I am still struggling to put together those pieces.

The struggle this year for me existed because I am not the woman I was at all.  I am a shell of her in many ways because I wake up every morning without those who defined me.  Exactly seven days before I was planning to pick up my spoon at the airport my family took another hit that was devastating to me.

I’m punch drunk but there hasn’t been much relief for me in the ring.

I told my people how much I looked forward to seeing them – and that was truth!  What went unsaid though was I had no idea how I would react once there.

Mon – Weds would be golden.  Spoon time and giggling and joking about putting Daddy in the closet. It was after Weds that I feared.  I feared being in that hotel again, where my prior relationship took its death walk.  I feared all of the memories of last year when things went sideways.  I feared that all of my insecurities would float to the surface and drown me.

While there were moments that took my breath away (not in the good fashion) there were more victories than defeats, more firsts than 31sts and more love than I think I deserve most days.

My loves shielded me from the harsh world and in that protection I reached new highs again.  thank you

I’m home again and back to the grind but I’m no longer alone.  I have his love – her love – and my memories.


Aphrodite Brown

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