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Did you miss me constant reader? I’ve missed you terribly. We’d gotten back into a groove this month and then life happened for me and I need a few days off.

I am mostly back now though.  Upcoming I am gonna wrap up the 30 days of truth.  I am thinking about doing the BlogHer November prompts.

While I don’t necessarily need a prompt any longer it helps with keeping muscle memory strong and stopping in here to update you with stuff more often.

As we’ve discussed Vizionz is morphing again into something different.  Fear not….the Bonnie & Clyde Chronicles will continue.  B will still continue.

That is the foundation, the familiar and I will not yank that from you.  There will still be many posts about me and my life and my unique vizion from the bottom.

In addition to those though I plan to add more structured educational topics.

In late November or early December the doctor will arrive!

My friend and future colleague has a huge brain and she will share what rattles around in that head of hers. She is a licensed psychologist.   She is a sexologist. She is sexier than Dr. Ruth and I can’t wait for her contributions.

The workshops are taking some time to upload.  I am working on some formats and videos I want to include on the workshop page and hit a hiccup.

I can give you a preview though of two of them:

Presenting for Dummies – If you’ve ever been to a conference and sat in a class about a topic you already know about I am sure you said….I can do that.  The answer is yes you can.  In Spanish: Si Se Puede!

Presenting for Dummies gives you the fundamentals on presentation planning. This workshop is available in person and via video conferencing. Send inquiries to  bookaphroditebrown@gmail.com


Fundamentally Understanding Con SEXUAL Kink – Birds do it, bees do it WE do it.  Fucking. Intimate sexual contact is a part of BDSM relationships for many yet we infrequently discuss sex, sexual behavior and sexuality in kink conferences.  This workshop is part demonstration part round table.  How to get your fuck on using safer sex practices is covered.  Negotiating sex into your BDSM is also covered. Send inquiries to bookaphroditebrown@gmail.com


I miss you all terribly


Aphrodite Brown

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Aphrodite Brown is the owner and creator of Vizionz from the Bottom. Vizionz is a life and culture blog covering all aspects of life from pop culture, to politics, to parenting, with an extra heavy dose of alternative lifestyle & sex positive living.
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