30 Days of Truth – 15

The prompt for day 15 is something you cannot live without,you know because you’ve tried.

If there was an easy prompt in this group you are looking at it for me.  My answer is writing.

I’ve kept some type of journal pretty much since I was able to hold a pencil.  In this digital age of today that pencil is now a keyboard.  I’ve learned multiple ways over the years to manage that which rests in me.   The most effective for me by a landslide is writing.

There is quite often a disconnect for me from my brain to my mouth.  The keys hold no such disconnect and my thoughts flow freely. They can  still take root good or bad without me having to speak them aloud.  Aloud at times fails me.

I get to write about the places I’ve been,where I want to be and how to get there.  I get to be the person I want to be even when that is not the person that I am.

Writing is a tool for my sanity and authenticity.

Ironically I don’t like writing, it is a compulsion for me.

Academic writing?  Hate it. I am good at it though, so much so I could make a living off it. Fiction? Not my strong suit but I’ve been known to write a short story or 12 that make you want more. Essays? The essay is kind of my groove thang. It is where I shine which is how I connect best with people.
Emails? Yuck. Literally yuck. Text messages? I’d rather not but since I also don’t want to talk on the phone with you the text is the lesser evil.

I’ve lived without writing and I was a lesser person. I was not an emotionally healthy person.

A column? Nah not really my thing. I am beyond the point where working for someone else is what makes me moist. While I am not unhappy with my work for EGL, my creative vizion and theirs are not equally yoked. I love them though and what they are building so I stick with it.

If all of these types of writing are not my ‘thing’ why can’t I live without writing?

I am a creative person. I need the outlet of artistic expression. I need to know I’ve connected with the rest of humanity without swimming in the same humanity.

I don’t want to write I need to write.

I also need winning PowerBall numbers but the universe hasn’t granted me that today. It did give me a keyboard, fingers, electric and Internet… so writing it is.

What I also need from you constant reader is one more day of voting before the semi final round closes.


I need your help to make it on  the final ballot. Please vote for me. Use your desktop – tablet – cell phone – your sister’s cell phone – your co worker’s tablet. Last year it came down to a handful of votes (less than 30) in some categories. Help Vizionz (and me) cross the threshold and make the finals for the first time.

I will even be bilingual if you think it will help: si se puede!

Aphrodite Brown

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Aphrodite Brown is the owner and creator of Vizionz from the Bottom. Vizionz is a life and culture blog covering all aspects of life from pop culture, to politics, to parenting, with an extra heavy dose of alternative lifestyle & sex positive living.
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