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In my email this morning was a voice of concern about the lengthy exchange on the Cognitive Dissonance post.  This person wants me to win – thank you person! – their concern was that the exchange as it stands would cost me potential votes.

My position is that all voices are welcome here at Vizionz.  I moderate comments to prevent spam, but I do not censor comments.  I will remove identifiers if the situation warrants, but I don’t censor.

While that can lead to what you saw in the CD post, it is important to me to maintain my own integrity. While that might mean never winning an award or hosting my own cable news show, it does mean I am authentic and that is more important to me.

It might happen that the constant reader runs into sporadic demonstrations of when keeping it real goes wrong, but it will allow me to stand on my reputation, my consistency, and my behaviors. Some will love it others will hate it and well…..I expect that.

I expect that as we grow, expand, and our collective Vizion makes an impact that more of what you see there will happen. Folks, up to and including me don’t always like it when you point out their flaws. This was one of those moments.

I pointed out the facts – that the comment shared months earlier was in direct conflict to the words shared in CD. Persistent claims otherwise don’t erase that, which is why I do not censor comments.

The reader can view these things for themselves, reach their own conclusions, and I don’t have to do anything but point to what is in black and white on the screen.

I don’t have to write pages of words to try to alter public opinion, I can stand on what is from the horse’s mouth so to speak, and keep trucking along.

If I have a regret about that exchange it is that a person I called friend, who I loved, took this very public route to throw shade. I don’t wholly regret that though because it taught me the lesson that needed teaching, it compelled the move that needed making, and I applaud progress everywhere I find it.

So no I will not take down any of her comments, name calling and the like. If it costs me the win, so be it, it was just not my year.

I will simply chalk it up to the passion the series inspired, which is a different type of win for me. I write to get people thinking, to educate, to expose at times, but to touch people. I write so that someone – someplace goes wow I could have written this myself. The Hafez Series did that and more. I can’t complain about success.

I can’t complain that these actions, by that human male (no I will no longer call him a man ), helped people (including ____), exposed a disruptive pattern, and resulted in the safe haven Hafez used to troll was no longer safe. That is winning on a whole other level.

The series has helped others look at behavior and elevate their standards. Again….winning.

Who complains about a win?

I can tell you who does not:

Aphrodite Brown



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