30 Days of Truth – 13

The prompt for day 13 is write a letter to a band or artist that has gotten you through some tough times.

Although one of my well known obsessions is Depeche Mode, I have to give this award to Elmo.

Without Kevin Clash sticking his fist into the ass of that little red monster….my life would be quite different.

If Clyde has a best friend that name would be Elmo Monster.

Elmo is our constant companion, our persistent background noise, and frankly the best thing since oxygen when it comes to our home.
If you doubt that? I am fairly positive that Clyde has set the Guinness record for consecutive days of watching the Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. We’ve been going EVERY day since I found it on demand. Every day. Every damn day. Since April. If god rested on the sabbath…….Elmo does overtime. There is no school here on Sundays so from early to rize late to bed the adventures of Elmo in Grouchland can be found wafing through our home, making Bonnie dance, making Clyde laugh and making me want to stop paying the cable bill.

I am okay with it though even if I complain about it here. My Clyde is physically 13. Considering that at 13 for me I was breaking into my next door neighbor’s house and stealing their copy of Camp Beaver Lake to watch when Bonnie was off at work? I will take it. More Elmo please.

For those of you who think Camp Beaver Lake is a figment of my imagination? nope there is even an IMDB page:

Anyhoo…..thank you Kevin Clash and Elmo.

Aphrodite Brown

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