Proceed with Caution

Let the record reflect…..I am not concerned

I really am not.

I got a message from someone who thought it might not be a good idea to give B his own series. I was setting myself up they said.

It reminded me of something someone I once called friend said – that single women were not invited as guests to her home, period.

I think about this because of a text exchange I had today with…..hmmmm I am gonna have to think of a name for her.

Got it Wiggle.

Wiggle and I had a text exchange and I said something along the lines of I am not worried and never will be when it comes to her.

On paper perhaps I should be frightened, in reality? Not so much.

One of the challenges living a poly lifestyle is the inclusion of other people into your relationship.  It can go very wrong or very right. Because we are poly, not swingers, this is about adding people to our life, not just adding people to our bed.

I don’t worry though about how wiggle views B and I. She is not trying to replace me she is adding to BOTH our lives.  Frankly I am the new kid on the block here so if anyone should fear being replaced it should be her, but she need not fear that with me. I get wiggle & B and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It makes me think to a time not all that long ago when things were not this certain. Someone else wanted me to ask their permission to spend time with our man.  No you did not read that wrong.  They would say it was not about asking permission, but it was and it never sat right with me – ever.

There were many reasons why it did not but the idea of asking permission to spend time with the man I love…..good luck with that.

I won’t ever have to ask for permission with wiggle.  In fact she is supportive of our separate relationship, which is different than our family relationship.  What a concept hunh?

Back to this taking of the man thing though.

I wonder aloud who does that?

I am not saying that there are women who think that happened to them.  I just don’t get it myself. Adults do as they wish, and if you find yourself left was that man yours to begin with? Will closing your front door to single women keep your man from walking out the back door if that is his intention?

It reminds me of my fallout with waffles over Gei. She thought she was building a relationship with a man I sent her to fuck – knock the cobwebs off the cooch.  I then became evil because I accepted the collar he put on my body.

I took her man?

Uhhh no. If anything she thought she was replacing me.  Turns out though she was not and whelp we’ve both moved on.

The idea though that someone will read what I write about B and decide to move me out doesn’t register with me.  He will stay because he loves me. He will stay because he chooses to be with me. He will stay because it is where he wants to be – not because I own him.

If it ever happened that B wanted out he would leave. That has nothing to do with someone else throwing pussy at him……it is all about him.

Since it is all about him? No you cannot take my man.

Try it though, it’s been a rough 2 weeks I need a hearty laugh.


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