30 Days of Truth – 12

The prompt for day 12 is something that you never get compliments on

I don’t get compliments on my toes.


There are people who don’t think that I have toes I tend to hide them.

I don’t get compliments on my patience.  I don’t think its because I am impatient…even though I am I think it is more about me putting up the proper amount of camouflage so that people don’t see what I want them to see.

I don’t get compliments on my potato salad because only a handful of people who I love have tasted my potato salad.  They don’t compliment me because they are too busy eating. Talking and eating is rude.

Voting opens on October 7 for the BWLA  I need your help to get out of the semi finals this year.

I will be able to get compliments if I make it out of the semi finals.


Aphrodite Brown

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