No Good Deed

There is never a dull moment when you live with Bonnie & Clyde. One might think it is a typical Friday unless of course you’re me …..and you realize your family is anything but typical.

Fridays are reset days in our house. The aide who helps me care for Bonnie is off so it is normally a day where she and I have late coffee while we get ready for a weekend with our little guy.

Today began with Bonnie wanting Raisin Bran. Cool I say let me run to the corner store and grab some milk. No milk says Bonnie. Mom we don’t have milk in the house just give me a second. I will be right back. Bonnie’s reply was to take the box roll her eyes and head up to her room.

Okay no milk. Got it.

Clyde and I have a mini tradition. After a good week at school for him our daily trek for an afternoon snack gets fancy. We usually head out to McDonald’s for fries.  No I am not above bribing my child.

The hot spot was open at our local arches so I pulled out my tablet gave Clyde some Elmo on my YouTube phone app and thought I would get a little work done.

Oh wait! I have to back track. The magic pocket struck again!

As we were leaving the house I caught out of the corner of my eye something ” off ” about the boy. I locked the door and told him to come closer. I am inspecting his clothes and find a $10 bill sitting in his left pocket.  Of his jeans. Not his school pants his jeans. That I’d taken out of his drawer minutes earlier that had no such $10 bill in them.


Now the simple answer would be he took the money out my purse when I wasn’t looking. Except- I had no cash in the house today and that still would not explain how a child who was never out of my sight picked my wallet without me noticing. He and I are gonna have to have a conversation about this at some point. We are entering creepy territory now.

After out celebratory French fries and productive work time I felt kind of Pharell Happy so I thought I would do something for Bonnie. I decided to stop by her favorite Philly Cheesesteak store to get a sandwich to split. I’d decided we would watch The Winter Soldier tonight.

Mom’s TV is a little older so there’s no connecting the laptop top to it. I grabbed a tray table.  I’m setting up our little mini picnic and I cue up what I think is the digital copy of Winter Soldier.

I realize it is NOT Winter Soldier when I hear my voice and the voice of K coming through my speakers.

Instead of the Winter Soldier download playing, my homemade porn was playing.

In my head I calmly put down the food walked over to the laptop and stopped the video. In reality I think it looked more like this:


Just a reminder that no good deed ever goes unpunished. Lesson learned AGAIN universe – thank you.

Aphrodite Brown

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