30 Days of Truth – 10


The prompt for day 10 is someone that you need to let go – or wish that you didn’t know

This is not as simple as one might think.

The people I value in my life, and the people I keep close are so few that it is beyond me to think of letting any of them go.

I don’t hold onto junk and I don’t invite garbage into my life.

Even though I just got finished writing about two people in my life who I have to be alright with leaving, at this very moment I consider them left.

The possibility exists of course that I am wrong, but I doubt it…sincerely.

If there is something that fits this particular truthful question…..I would have to throw in a thing I call Black BEAT.

I used to write about the love // hate relationship that I had with Black BEAT.  The love is gone.  Long Gone.  N’Synch Gone with Justin Timberlake and the afro GONE.

*okay I know he doesn’t have the afro in this video…but I like recalling that time in my life when Justin Timberlake wasn’t quite legal and had an afro*


Like many of the things and people in my life who I once loved… and yes really and truly once upon a time I LOVED Black BEAT…. letting go was not simple.

I held on and on and on…..and although I would have denied it if you asked it of me leading up to this year’s event I held out a scintilla of hope that they would do something that would allow me to fall back in love with them.

I didn’t really want to leave them.

They destroyed any hope of a reconciliation with their actions AT this year’s event though.

When you combine that with Diamond’s inability to be an adult and send a thank you in the direction of the man who made sure that her vendor mart had not just people but QUALITY people….well you kind of get where my love went.

It is floating out there in the universe where Diamond’s manners and gratitude are. When or if she ever finds hers… please tell her to leave my love where it is…I have quite enough dysfunction in my life without inviting that back.


Aphrodite Brown

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