30 Days of Truth – 9

The prompt for day 9 is someone that you did not want to let go, they just ‘drifted’.

I think this award has to go to the young lady who shares my name.

We met when I first moved to the home I care for Bonnie in now.  Of all the children that I grew up with in that sense she was the one that I thought no matter what… when I was old and gray… you know like right about now…. that we would still be the best of friends.

I suppose that you can chalk that up to me just being a naive young girl who didn’t realize that people grow up and people change and shit happens.

There is also the thing though that she and I shared an extra special connection. Same name and the such.

Before I knew what a best friend was she was mine.  Before I knew platonic love for a woman, she was mine.

Today, I still love her as a sister and as much as I ever have but we are different women. Not better or worse but different.

If we spent the time to get to know one another again I am sure that we would find that what we share – love of family – dedication to faith – passion for change – artistic ability – outweighs what we do not.

With her in Georgia and me in…. that’s not gonna happen though.

I wonder if with her counsel I would have made some different decisions in my life.  She knew me better than just about anyone.

But all in all, Facebook lets us see one another’s children grow. We both are raising teenagers… fuck we are getting OLD!

All in all…… I can live without us being thick as thieves like we once were.

Even though there are times I miss my first best friend.



Aphrodite Brown 

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