30 Days of Truth – 8

The prompt for day eight is someone who made your life miserable, or a living hell

That distinction goes without equivocation to Valerie.

It’s kind of funny that once upon a time that ‘honor’ would have gone to Bonnie, but in our tears together she’s kind of grown on me.  Her sister not so much.

It is well known the mess Valerie left us with. Her actions after Bonnie’s stroke left us worse off, and every time something happens in that house you can pretty much trace it back to Valerie’s selfishness, her guile, and her not giving a shit attitude.

I’m thankful I was able to put a stop to it before it got worse, but make no mistake… shit’s been way rough at times.

In a way I can’t say that it’s been a living hell.  In a way I have no choice but to say that.  We’ve had  lots of connecting and lots of growth, but we’ve also had to make sacrifices that we should not and we’ve suffered at times when we should not.

If I get any comfort I know that she’s an almost 60 year old woman living off her daughter and not like Bonnie because she’s disabled.  She’s living that life because she’s incompetent.  That’s not really comforting though when I have to tell Bonnie no because our finances are still so wrecked all these years later that I can’t spoil her as I would like.


We are gonna roll on through this though.  We always do.  Us folks are built RAM tough and we will roll on through this because that is how we are built.  BFW.  In fact we might just be better off in a minute or two.  There are some plans I am setting into motion and won’t it be awesome to know that when I am posting photos of our victory that she will know that her actions didn’t defeat us.


Yep… that is gonna be pretty darn sweet.



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