Her Words ?

____ wanted this to be viewed by you. I should say, that I received this message, from someone claiming to be her, submitted 11 times for approval.

The response is essentially as sent.  I removed the email address attached to the response and I’ve edited out her name as I have on the other blogs.  The same message was posted to Hafez’s YouTube account so if the reader is interested they can compare the two responses to verify the accuracy of what comes below.

Prior to posting this I wrote Cognitive Dissonance.  It was intended to be a companion piece, but I feel it deserves its own space.  It’s own space is here.

My decision to allow the series to remain comes from the words found in this response.  I quote:

 “What you have written anyone, can find in our writing and we have a looooog HIStory way back yahoo360 in the lifestyle.”

It is for that reason – that the story I told can be verified through their own words, over their own profiles – that the presence of this story remains.

As always the reader will draw their own conclusions, reach their own decisions on what to do with the information shared.  As always dissenting points of view are welcome.

Aphrodite Brown

 [Editor’s Note – As indicated in this response a 3 way telephone conversation did occur and I did speak with ____. Claims that I never spoke to her made by others are not true.]

The response is below the page break.

Read every last one of this crap which I did not tell you or confirm that you write or post here.

I am guilty of procrastating. Should of cleared this up 8 or more months ago and I didn’t. See that is one of my many dysfunctions I put things off until it tends to go south and this has.my bad Hafez. From the date on all of your Hafez post of Pimpology 101…Huh! I was on leave from my job to be with my daughter who was in her 9th month of pregnancy. So to not let anything distract me from being with her during her time of need of me. I stayed off social media and contact with anyone except immediate family. Yes this is my fault for not being proactive going to your site right away to see what the hell was there. Even after I was told you had put our asses out there in cyber world for all to see (family, friends, employers, future and present…names and all. That’s Bullshit! I never thought that it was this bad until I came over on the link you left on Our current Youtube video which I do endorsed and confirm. Thank you for that again I thank you…lol. Just don’t think it is out of appreciation of this so call truth BS story you had written about me and Him. It’s for alerting me that I need to do something about this malicious act against a man and his character. Which also makes me look like some docile love struck controlled abused woman. First, you never received confirmation or information from me telling you to post this. Did I tell you to write my story and post it. Did I tell you to be Captain save a hoe (sub/slave)…Noooo…Why? I don’t need any saving and I don’t know you. Never met you.

When I said thank you for coming to my defend of my release video on fet. I was in my head and up in my feelings. No, I didn’t like it and you know what we all have done something we wish we hadn’t. You know what, it’s the frigging past. Mine and his and you have no right to try and use it against him and post it in your non-confirmed Pimpology 101 series. I’m off of fet because of people like you, clicks and sisterhood drama. What you have written here about us is potatoes with no meat (facts, shituations and circumstances) and we have that. Rent, our poly house dynamic, my service to him, his illness and the passing of his father (how dare you put his father in this) his mother not coming to his aid when he was sick…you know nothing…my life background or his. What you have written anyone, can find in our writing and we have a looooog HIStory way back yahoo360 in the lifestyle. What you have put in your writing is nothing but damaging slander of him and his character over what a video, my servitude to him, who pays the bills and who fucking who, no need to go on…it’s not your business. If we were married it still would not be your business. I know this man better than most and his whole family and he knows mine. We have not just talk on the phone, we have met one-on-one; up close and personal and his friends outside of the lifestyle as well. He is not an abuser or predator what he has done for me as a Dominant, trainer which he is damn good at and friend no other would take the time or energy to do. Talk is cheap what have you done for me lately…Nicole?…nothing you put this Bullshit up all over the place for all to see no concerns or consent from the individuals involved and it not the truth or whole truth. Remove it, take it down
You said this is not personal I say it is. You two bump heads on topic online and neither let it go…especially you. If so we wouldn’t be here. Shit is said feelings get hurt and next thing you know you’re on a personal crusade to discredit him in any means necessary. That where I and the video come into your scheme to destroy his character you are really a piece of work and very selfish. Using us to get what you want NOT happening. I will ask you nicely again to take this down off all the places you have post it. I did not confirm nor tell you to post it. This is not my/our story. I would be the one to write it or tell it, lived it and know it better than anyone. So take this down and stop harassing and stalking us. I have not met you and do not care too. Regardless, to how positive and a straight shooter you say you are here. You have been a negative force in our universe and a friggin Lilith in the grass. Asking nicely take it down from where ever you have post it and leave us alone. I did not confirm or ask you to post this. People stay off three ways especially, with people you don’t know or never met. Shit will get twisted. Hang the fuck up before you’re in shit like this. I trust Hafez with my life (SCARED…lol it was a friggin typo not a cry for help) just wish I was a better friend and nip this in the butt before it got to this point…my bad Hafez/AMP. He does not deserve how he’s been treated because of this and the damage that has been done to his character. FDR Hafez my friend.
Oh, you probably think he has something to do with this reply or the current video we made. Hell no….this is all me no hand up my back never was. I am very resourceful and make my own choices. Q: do you know why I was name mlfu (I named myself that just like sacred one) research that and then you may know a lil about me. Guess what I wrote every bit of that petition Yep, it was me with no gun to my head. Take it down all of it I did not confirm or ask you to post or write it. I keep thinking of all the damage have caused here and how it has interfered with each of our lives. Causing damaged to his lifestyle of choice. He is not a abuser, predator or anything else you tried to make him out to be here. This is not my story…Again, remove all that you have written about us it was not consented, confirmed or ask by me that you post it. If it is not done after I request it today…I will take further action to ensure that it gets done.
Now back to grandma duty…this is bullshit I’m done here. Leave us the hell alone stay out of my life
____ to my friends and you are NOT





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