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a’s tears

From the moment I saw her I wanted her. Some might call it lust at first sight, I call it determination. It was the smile. I can be quite superficial.  Mind you that superficial Aphrodite was rewarded with an ass … Continue reading

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Innocence Lost

Over the years I’ve been exposed to a lot.  You cannot undo things that have been done.  Regardless of if  it happened to me or to someone else I spend time mourning the loss of innocence among us. Us means … Continue reading

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Bonnie’s Labia

Yes I said Bonnie’s labia.

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The Clyde Whisperer

One of the things a woman worries about as a single parent is how their child will react when/if they decide to date again. Sometimes the dating/courting process happens very early on so that the child thinks the other adult … Continue reading

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I Know What You Did – Black BEAT 2014

My little one worries about me.  She fears that the way I express myself here and in other locations will give the wrong impression to others.  She understands that I am loving, and gentle, and intelligent, and silly and wants … Continue reading

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