Wax On…. Wax On

wax on wax off

Mommy & Daddy date night… the good, the bad, and the scared man in the elevator.

Our love for our little one is unparalleled.  I miss her every second she is not with me. While yes I do miss her, it is sometimes important for Mommy & Daddy to have a little time to themselves.

I miss our family time when we are not together, but my relationship with B is new also.  He and I are still learning one another even though our friendship is years old.  We’ve got that friendship thing pretty tight.  It’s adding the power exchange and the sex that could use a little more dedication.  We are coming along well, but like a flower it needs water.

It took some time to synchronize our watches so that we were on the same page, in the same place, without a period from me… but we got it done.  It was a good night. .

Any night that starts off with me being able to do 70 on the open highway with RedMan on the stereo is gonna be a good night.

Any night that has me in anticipation, waiting for my guy to arrive is going to be a good night.

One of the cool things about my guy is that serving him makes me smile.  I also smile when he serves me.  He likes to spoil his girls, and being his girl I got in on some of that.  Well lots of that actually. It was also cool to giggle and say ouch and say o0o0o0o0o when appropriate.

In a night that held many, many highlights two specific moments stood out.

We were downstairs using the microwave and were in the process of coming back upstairs.  There was another couple and a single man waiting for the elevator.  The couple was Black, the man was White.  His discomfort was obvious, and the sadist in me giggled inside. When the elevator opened it was obvious that the man was contemplating waiting for the next elevator.  The one problem with that is that there was only one.  He did eventually get on, and gave his floor, and stood at far and tight in the corner as his girth allowed. The four of us shared the moment in the way we rarely get. My vocalization that it was a big elevator generated laughter.  From four of us it was at the absurdity of watching a huge man suddenly afraid, for the fifth it was because, well, everyone else was laughing.

Our second highlight is teaching Daddy how to wax.

Hair removal really is an art.  Waxing takes a little time to get right if you’ve never before done it.  B likes bare pussy though, so it was time to pass along the skills I learned in cosmetology school.  I don’t shave regularly.  My hair doesn’t bother me.  If my partner doesn’t mind I am like porn in the 70’s all bush all the time. I won’t even bother to trim it until bathing suit season.

I packed the wax kit for B.  We eventually stopped our other activities to deal with the bush.  I had him practice on my arms.  I cut the muslin strips to size showed him how to apply the wax… then press, then rip.  1 – 2 – 3.

He did good with the arms so it was time to switch places and he would go to town.

Start in small sections I told him.  I held up my tummy fat and he started. Wax on – check.  Strip on – check. Press – check.  Rip…..

No rip.

It’s okay I said.


I saw the strip in his hand.  I felt… nothing.  I automatically knew that all of the wax was stuck to my hair .. and skin.

It’s okay I said.  Let’s come back to that side.  Let’s do it again, on the other side.

I pointed out the direction my hair grew in.  I reminded him how to apply.  Wax – check. Strip – check. Press – check.  Rip…..

Yep, same result.  Strip in his hand with no wax or hair on it.

So it is now apparent that waxing is not gonna work.  It is also apparent that we now have to figure out how to get the wax off me.

Step one – use the cucumber after lotion, hot water and a washcloth.

Step one… epic fail.  The cucumber after lotion only scented the room.  The washcloth moved the now cold wax around in a circle in a painful fashion.

Step two… vaseline and a comb.

Be GENEROUS with the vaseline I said.  He was.  Use the larger teeth on the comb I said. He did.

The wax combed out.  I kissed my guy and told him that I loved him for trying.

Now I have to excuse myself… I am off to Sally’s Beauty Supply to buy clippers for pussy hair.   I think him shaving me will bring us closer.

The best way to shave is with a straight razor.  We aren’t gonna tell him that though.  No amount of vaseline is gonna work on cut labia. So…. let’s just keep that one to ourselves okay?



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