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Dear Aphrodite:

I have a question about sexual positions. I am a large woman, almost 300 pounds.  My partner is also large, but his penis is not terribly big. It’s not small but because we both have a lot of gut and I have a lot of butt sex has been a little challenging. What are some good positions we can try to get off?

Yep I know all about this.

In case you didn’t know Aphrodite is a fat girl herself.  Fat doesn’t mean that you can’t get it in though.

First suggestion is missionary with a twist. Put pillows under your bottom to raise your hips. The thing about missionary with a big guy is that well they are a big guy that can be a lot of weight and can detract from the experience.  Raising your hips though will give him better access and not laying on top of you at the same time.  It also brings your clit closer to him for additional stimulation and in his more upright thrusting position your breasts are also more available since he’s not trying to support his body weight with his arms…he can do other things with those hands of his.

Second suggestion is girl on top.  Now I know sometimes big girls don’t feel comfy, or don’t have the confidence to ride but you can do it.  It might mean moving some belly fat to achieve the goal but once he’s in there its all on you. Even if he isn’t Sean Michaels girl on top is a good position for simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation.  That double dose of feel good will make you feel GOOD.

Third suggestion is be prepared to have some unconventional sex.

We tend to think of sex as penis in vagina until orgasm – the end.

It doesn’t have to start and end there.  Adding more foreplay, more oral, more digital stimulation, adding dildos and vibrators are all ways you can enhance the experience with each other without the awkwardness of similar body types trying to manage ‘conventional’ sex.

My best advice is enjoy one another in every way possible.  That will make it a lot easier for him to get in where he fits in.


Aphrodite Brown

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