King Clyde

Not for nothing never happen I’ll be forever mackin…..



Clearly I am doing this wrong.

I suppose that most parents look at their child and wonder what kind of day they have when he or she is out of their presence.  I know I do.  I have a special needs, non verbal, extremely willful son on the Autism Spectrum.  I worry that the people he is in school with don’t understand him.  I worry about how he is treated.  I worry that no one will care for him the way his mother does.


Apparently I need to get the fuck over it.

My first clue was a few months back.  Clyde had his first EVER bowel accident in school.  Ever.  He is in middle school now, that time in his life where these accidents are highly uncommon and tend to create nicknames like shitty mcmichael.

When his stomach was settled I took him back to school myself.  I was expecting to have to give his classroom an extra long lecture on how to be kind to your fellow human being.  Instead of that I was greeted with joy that Clyde had returned to school!  Yes joy.  Every adult and child seemed to know who my kid was.  My kid who bless his heart is non verbal and anti social.  Yet the entire school of almost 2,000 kids and adults seemed to not just know Clyde but to love him.  Smiles and hugs.  Fist bumps and daps were a plenty as the middle school rejoiced that Clyde had returned.


No maybe my first clue was back when Clyde was in second grade.  He had a classmate named Joe.  Joe in the second grade was my size.  My height at least and he may have outweighed me by a good 40 pounds.  Joe understood that he was bigger than everyone else and tended to use that to his advantage.  He bullied the other kids when the adults in class weren’t looking.  Also in that second grade class was a tiny little waif of a girl named Tanya.  Tanya looked as if a 2 mph wind would carry her off into the horizon.  Tanya also was Clyde’s girl.  They knew one another since kindergarten and she looooooooved her some Clyde.  Clyde was protective of her as most men are of their woman.  There was a day that Joe decided that he wanted something from Tanya.  There was a “conversation” between Clyde and Joe.  From that day forward Joe gave both Clyde and Tanya a wide berth in their school travels.


I took Clyde to school today.  When I walked him into the classroom his teacher wanted to talk about his IEP and some other issues.  While I sat at the desk with the teacher, I took the time to observe Clyde as well.

One little girl took his book bag and his hat and hung them up for him.

Another little girl went and fetched juice for him, opened the container and placed in it front of him.

Yet a third little girl went and got the bleach wipes and wiped the table in front of Clyde.

He simply sat there and smiled as the women fussed over him and the boys took turns walking over to him to give him daps and then returned to their chairs.

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I guess it is good to be the king.

My question is how do I get to be like Clyde when I grow up?


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