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Put Your Back Into It!

By now you’ve figured out that I like and know a thing or two about sex.  I’m no sexologist (yet) but I am pretty knowledgeable about the horizontal mambo. I am also kind of knowledgeable about porn.  I like porn. … Continue reading

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That Time of Year

At times I manage my issues poorly.  At times I manage magnificently.  It is hit and miss sometimes with which method will work, how to navigate.  I do okay.  I could do better. Because there is always, always, something…. often … Continue reading

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mo betta makes it…..

I’ve done this relationship thing once or twice.  Success and failure exists in their history and today I think I am in a healthier place to give a relationship the attention it deserves.  One of the things I never quite … Continue reading

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A Purposeful Decision

Almost daily I giggle with my family about Gwyneth’s decision to “consciously uncouple” from her husband.  The language I find absurd, and the thought that we are at a place in the development of the human condition that we are … Continue reading

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King Clyde

Not for nothing never happen I’ll be forever mackin…..  

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