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While it is important to change the conversation about sexual assault, it is equally important to keep yourself as safe as possible.  Circle of 6 can assist you in that goal.

In a perfect world it is understood that no means no.  Our world is no such thing.  In the world I frequent the most – BDSM – there are risks involved in meeting new people.

I’ve published safety tips.  I’ve spoken about the Safe Call Network. I’ve advocated for better reporting of consent violations and lobbied for an end to victim blaming.

I downloaded the app a few days ago.

The app will allow you to add up to 6 people from the contacts on your cell phone. Once you’ve added your contacts, you have the ability to send messages to the people in your circle if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

You can ask a person to come to your location to get you if you feel unsafe.  The app will use the GPS on your phone to send out your location from Google Maps even if you don’t know where you are.

It will allow you with one touch to let your circle know you  need an intervention, requesting they call you immediately suggesting an emergency giving you an easy out from a situation.  There is also the ability to add on rape hotlines to the app for you to access with one touch if needed.

It is very easy to swap out your circle.  This way it can be adjusted to those who you know are the most dependable and you trust the most to walk you out of an awkward or possibly dangerous situation.

Having a tool like this on your phone won’t stop a predator from targeting you while you are out, but it could help you from being a victim.

To download the app for iPhone or Android check your App store.  The App is FREE.


To learn more you can visit:



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