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Black Woman Voting - Getty Images - Retrieved from

Black Woman Voting – Getty Images – Retrieved from

We don’t define women in the same way that we do men.  It is a problem and we need to alter that.

I’ve stayed out of a lot of Internet conversations lately because I’ve had other – perhaps better things to do.  That doesn’t mean though that I’ve not seen the conversations.  I simply chose to do something else rather than hop on my soapbox and remind folks of what they are unwilling to accept – women are not valued in American society.

Our politicians define us by our uterus.

Our men define us by our frequent vagina flyer miles.

Our children define us by what they see on reality television.

We just keep trucking along like it is an acceptable way of living.

The conversation that I joined asked the question when did Claire Huxtable evolve into Mary Jane.

My response to the conversation was ignored by those who would rather debate the value of the housewife vs the career woman vs _____ [insert any other stereotype here].

I asked why are we defining women based on who the man is in their life rather than her own merits and achievements?

This is a part of the conversation that devalues women, refuses to look at them like human beings, and allows those on the margins of society to justify their treatment of women – up to and including sexual assault.

There is a connection, there really is, but compounding this issue is that women are conditioned to believe the hype and we further the stereotypes, the dehumanization, and hold our fellow woman hostage to the standards that harm us on the whole.


Aphrodite Brown


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