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One part of changing the conversation involves de-mystifying sex and sexuality.  Letting go of antiquated ideas that value a woman based on her “vagina miles” can go a long way towards valuing the human being the total woman is – and not just the vagina she happens to be sitting on at the moment.

In the spirit of that I am sharing information on the Sexual Freedom Summit of 2014.

Woodhull envisions a world that recognizes sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals to develop and express their unique sexuality; to be personally autonomous with regard to bodily integrity and expression; and to enjoy sexual dignity, privacy and consensual sexual expression without societal or governmental interference, coercion or stigmatization.


The Sexual Freedom Summit is 5 years old this year.


The 2014 Sexual Freedom Summit runs from August 14 – August 17 in Alexandria Va.

The conference will have all day Institutes on Thursday & Friday covering the topics of – Sex Work, Sex Trade, Prostitution, and Human Rights and Let’s Talk About Sex: The Pleasure Principle.

There are dozens of workshops covering multiple topics including:

  • Beyond Yes Means Yes: The Law, Activism, and Practice of Consent
  • Beyond the Labels and Misconceptions: Understanding Non-Monogamous Sexual Relationships as a Fundamental Human Right
  • Bringing Sexy Back: Sex-Positive HIV Prevention
  • Having the Balls to Be Blue in a Red State
  • Meeting the Needs of Disabled People in Sex Positive Spaces

With over 7 pages of presenters listed this is going to be must see – must beconference of the year that addresses sex and human sexuality in all its variations.

Yes!! there are workshops on the mechanics of BDSM as well.

Your $175.00 registration fee covers entry into ALL conference events over the four days. There is a discounted price for students, and the VIP reception is a separate purchase. Hotel accommodations are a separate cost.

There are SIX different extra curricular activities that are included in your registration that give opportunity for fellowship and socialization.

To see more visit the website linked above.

To go directly to the registration page click here



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